Comments You Will Not Hear at the 1-22-06 WT Study (Obey)

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  • stillAwitness

    BluesBrothers: Look at the latest chart. The Studies are about 40,000 being 35% of the average publishers. Compare Britain where it is 38%.. Also last year they baptized 2318 in France but had a net gain in av. publishers of just 693. Where did they go?? (onto the internet, perhaps?)

    And yet I'm sure not a single person even bothered to look into the Yearly Service Report for that one. Good point.

    What a boring WT study it was today! Kept dozing off. Sheesh!

    But Par. 13 was intersting to me: For example, when Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany

    refused to heil Adolf Hitler as their Fuhrer, Hitler vowed to exterminate them.

    Of course all the comments based on this point bragged about how Hitler could not stop the preaching work and yada yada yada and yet based on history isn't it true that Hitler didn't really have anything specific against the witnesses. His hatred towards them was simply for no reason at all besides the fact that he really just thought they were a bit cuckoo? I've read that somewhere but someone correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Rooster

    How can I join this sect? God must be with them!

  • heathen
    "Why not let yourself be wronged?"

    Yah that's real good coming from a cult that is run by lawyers defending them over real and imagined wrongs .

  • TallTexan
    By reading the context, we see that is NOT what he meant. H e was referring to the preaching about Jesus who is not even mentioned here.


    As you well know, they are infamous for inserting "jehovah" where the scripture, when read in context, is clearly discussing Jesus.


    Great review as always. Keep it up.

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