Does anyone know the Circuit Overseer, Randy Letcher?

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  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    We had him in our circuit around a year ago. He was a very arrogant pianist/circuit overseer. He came along when I was starting to have strong doubts and after his visits I had no choice but to pursue my doubts. He made very strong/rude comments in talks in the hall and on assembly parts and hurt alot of feelings. After his visit I couldnt see how Jehovah could be using him. He started a talk out like this, Billions and Billions of corpses! Of course he was talking about the big A and then showed how we would be bloodguilty for them if we didnt do enough service, meetings ect. He said something at the assembly I could never forget. He mentioned an 82 year old sister in one of the halls he visited. He said that he asked her why she wasnt pioneering. She said, major hip pain, old age ect. He went on to read her about five scriptures on Faith. He turned to each scripture with the audience and read them. Then he looked at the audience and said " I then looked at the sister in her eyes and told her, You dont have faith!" I was floored! How could he judge an 82 year old sister with real problems?? He then commented that she had tears running down her face. He said this as if he was proud of it! Of course he brought her out shortly after that and of course now shes pioneering and happier than ever! There was a thunderous applause from the audience! I really felt sorry for this older sister and now she is emotional trapted. If she ever gets to ill to pioneer it means in her brainwashed mind that, she doesnt have faith:(

    After Randy Letchers visit I knew I had to research the organization that would allow such a man as a leader. The young ones in the circuit called him Hanibal Letcher! Randy hated it:)

  • Effervescent

    That story just turns my stomach. That poor woman... working herself to death because of an ugly guilt. It's true stories like this though... that reveal the slimy underside of the Organization to more an more people.

  • atypical

    I am not sure if I should be saying this or not, in the interest of remaining anonymous, but I have known him for a long, long time. He is from Phoenix. His brother just got reinstated in Phoenix. He was always single, I don't know if he still is. He is very highly regarded by the witnesses here as far as I know. He used to be the biggest jokester when I knew him. He was an elder and a regular pioneer. I remember hearing that he became a CO in the midwest or something. Interesting family. PM me if you want.

  • stillajwexelder

    Randy Letcher - this name is a yank of our chains correct ?

  • atypical

    No it's not. He is very well known in Phoenix. His family and extended family are all here.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    That poor sister!

    What a bastard! How can people applaud such statements?

    Sick, sick, sick.



    Besides being brainwashed and believing that pioneering will actually save people, guilt is the #1 reason that JWs pioneer today. After that the reason to pioneer is to be promoted so that they can be somebody in the org, this is of course especially applicable if you are a brother. Its all such a crock of shit isnt it?? All of this isnt even christian either if you are into following that sort of thing. Jesus would never have spoken to an 82 yr sickly woman like this.

  • seek2find

    Is he the one that served in the texas-oklahoma area a few years ago? A little overweight, not married and wrecked his car?

  • minimus

    If my 80 year old mother heard this story, she'd be really irritated after having been removed as a Regular Pioneer last year for attending my daughter's wedding to a non JW.

  • TD
    No it's not. He is very well known in Phoenix. His family and extended family are all here.

    Atypical is 100% right. Bummer of a surname, but they are a prominent JW family here. It's too bad Randy turned out to be such a prick. He wasn't always like that.

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