What made you lose your joy in serving Jehovah?

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  • JH

    We all started off as happy Witnesses, except for those dragged into this religion by force as kids.

    In my case, I found that there were way too many meetings. Then seeing the new system being constantly pushed back, and finally when I saw a lack of true love in the congregation. And when they hinted that probably there wouldn't be any sex and marriage for the resurrected ones. This added to my sadness.

    So what made you lose your joy in serving Jehovah?

  • vitty

    When I first went back in the truth as an adult ( my family had left when I was 9 ). I was so excited by what I was learning, it really is a fantastic idea. I also listened to a talk last week, it too was full of good things.

    The basic doctrines are great, but then the WT goes and spoils it and it dont take long, the guilt, the pressure of meetings and FS, the judging, the gossip it turns into one big night mare. For me it took about 2 years, but by then I was hooked. I had small babies and was terrified of armageddon

    Twenty years on im finally free of the fear, We did have good times, we had a good social life and I felt removed and safe from the "worlds" problems but thats no compensation to what i feel we missed as a family. Time being the biggest thing.

  • daystar

    I didn't lose the joy. I just came to the realization that I had not been serving Him in the first place, and neither had any of the other JWs. Rather, I was serving as a slave within the very complex machinations of a repressive regime.

  • IP_SEC

    Finding out I let myself be lied to.

  • aniron

    What made you lose your joy in serving Jehovah?

    What Joy ????

  • slugga

    Whinny hyper critical publishers that had forgotten the message but worshipped the creed. my congregation was full of people looking out for Jehovah's, protecting him from someone or something that might do something offensive to him. Jehovah's a big boy now he doesn't need to surround himself with nannies.

    I knocked on a born again types door once and he asked me if Jesus was alive now would he go to a KH to worship his father with all those petty minded people who put laws before people. I had to disagree with him but i knew he was telling the truth.

  • Nosferatu

    It was probably when I was in grade seven. I felt that Jehovah wasn't protecting me. I was getting beat up daily at school, getting beaten by my mother at home, and I was praying to Jehovah about every 15-30 minutes, asking for help. I didn't get any help, but I got PTSD.

    My love for Jehovah went downhill after that.

  • slugga
    I was getting beat up daily at school, getting beaten by my mother at home, and I was praying to Jehovah about every 15-30 minutes, asking for help

    Yeah therers never a she bear around when you need one!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    It was when I came to the realization that I wasn't in the truth, or any resemblance to it, and also the lack of genuine love within the congregation. There was no point going on once I knew it was all false.

  • joelbear

    1. being denied the opportunity to pursue interests in school, purely academic interests that i needed for mental stimulation. this caused resentment and questioning at age of 15.

    2. noticing illogical reasoning in doctrine, changing of words in New World translation to fit doctrine, while researching for Bible Studies when i was pioneering at age of 19

    3. seeing the bureaucratic mindset at Bethel at age 20.

    4. seeing hypocrisy of things being said versus actual behavior of men giving talks at meetings and conventions at age 23

    5. coming to an understanding that this life was all there was and desiring to live it as myself, free to think, feel and act according to my own sense of morality and ethics at age 30

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