I asked and down came the wall

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  • KW13

    My aunt is a lesbian. i am no longer a witness but i wanted to see how bulletproof JW beliefs are.

    So Jehovah is against homosexuals and they will be destroyed at armaggedon BUT with his power homosexuals can go to meetings and stop sinning, was my mums explanation....erm...

    People with a different genetic make-up who can't help being what they are will be able to stop these feelings before the new order, in that case its a miracle, Jehovah doesn't do miracles right now....that's something alright. Ok now HOW on earth are they supposed to cut off physical emotions?

    JW's dont' have any idea of anything.

    My aunt laughed.

  • jwfacts

    The WTS tries to deny the stength of feeling homosexuals have for the same sex. Many JW's I have talked to feel it is just sexual greed and they can change if they want to. Remember that the Watchtower used to say masturbation can make a person gay. You are right, they don't have a clue.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Years ago my husband studied with a fellow who was gay. And he gave it up and got baptized and married a young sister in the cong. And everyone said it was a choice.

    Even as a JW I didn't feel right about this.

    If it is just a matter of choice I can't think of one reason why anyone would choose a life that is so difficult to deal with other people's opinions. It's not like this is an easy ride. Gay bashing, homophobias. the out-right physical attacks on people.

    Ignorant people have no desire for real information. I pity the relative of theirs that must hide who they are brom such bigots

  • lonelysheep
    And he gave it up and got baptized and married a young sister in the cong.

    That's sad. Do you know if he's still married?

  • Gretchen956

    My brother did this, he isn't still married. But he's still gay and out of the org. I did it to try to ignore who I was and be who I was "supposed" to be. Didn't work that way for me either. On another board, for gay exjws, all those I spoke to who tried to go straight for the organization and for god didn't work out that way either. In many cases the ones that get hurt are those innocent people who enter into a marriage with one of us who really think we are doing the right thing, really want to do the right thing, and really try our best to pray it out of our systems. Just doesn't work that way.

    If you are hard wired one way and you try to pretend to be something else it just doesn't work. Just the same as a heterosexual pretending to be gay. You can't pretend to have attraction to someone if you don't. You can use tools to pretend, but you can't make something out of nothing.


  • jgnat

    Celibacy is the old fashioned way of dealing with it. But I personally think that abstension is harmful for all but a handful of people.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Last I know of him was 20 years ago and they had a child together

  • KW13

    Some sad stories there.

  • greendawn

    The JWs are too old fashioned and judgemental to understand such issues. Though I don't agree with homosexuality it's hard to see why someone will be destroyed because of being born genetically predisposed towards a homosexual preference.

  • Dansk

    And while the straight JW guys are knocking the gays they hypocritically lust after the sister with the large boobies and the short skirt! But that's ok, because it's "normal". Well it says in their unscholarly Franzine Bible that even to lust after is a sin. That rafter in their eyes is getting bigger by the second.

    Shelly, I admire your open-heartedness ((((((((HUGS))))))))). I was surprised to learn that you have a brother who is also gay! I know nothing of the statistics in such matters, but that strikes me as being uncommon (??). Also, you can bet your life someone would use the argument that as there are two gays in one family it HAS to be conditioning, i.e. influences in the home. I'd like to hear what you and others have to say about this.



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