OMG I just saw a BlueJay outside my window.

by Lady Lee 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    By the time I went to get my camera he was gone.

    The other day the news had a picture of a cardinal here in Ottawa.

    I haven't seen a Blue Jay since I was a kid. It has been raining since last night and the temperature is just above freezing so I am really surprised to see anything except ravens, pigeons and House Wrens. My window is just at the top of the tree tops so now I will be keeping an eye out the window a lot more otfen.

    There is a poor sad looking soggy squirrel out there sitting on a branch too.

  • Legolas

    LOL...We have BlueJay's all over the place here!

  • skyman

    I ship a bunch of the squawky birds up to you. It is different to see Birds and animals moving further north than they use to. Worlds getting warmer and we sill see more of this as time goes by.

  • Gretchen956

    And if you are looking for an "omen" in the appearance, bluejays - denote spiritual joy and contentedness.

    And that can't be a bad thing!


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Interesting point about the climate change.

    When I was a kid in Toronto I remember going out on Christmas day just wearing my shoes. I think I remember that so well because it was doing one of those slushy-snow things and I got my shoes wet. But that was common not to have snow much before Christmas. I think the winters here are a lot more like they used to be when I was a kid

    This year we have had cold and some snow and then it gets warm and rains (which is what is going on outside my window right now). I look out over an outdoor skating rink. It justs gets cold enough for it to freeze and people get to skate 1 night and then it melts again. Last night the skaters were out and today it is a puddle again.

  • Funchback

    Blue Jays are all over here in southeastern Pennsylvania. I feed the squirrels peanuts and sometimes the blue jays swoop out of nowhere and steal the peanuts. LOL!

    I saw a hummingbird for the first time a few months ago. Now that was a wonderful experience (for me).

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    denote spiritual joy and contentedness.

    Interesting because of all the places I have lived (I think I have moved somewhere close to 40 times) I feel most contented here and since I look out over a park and the river and my spirituality is most connected to nature I'd say this place for me fits the bill

  • Poztate

    We don't have any bluejays on the west coast but have a lot of Stellar Jays.They have a very aggessive and raucous manner.

    Also lots of Grey Jays or "Whiskey Jacks" They will eat out of your hand if you want them too. Nice to get a little colour in the winter and better than looking at sparrows.

  • willowmoon
    It is different to see Birds and animals moving further north than they use to. Worlds getting warmer and we sill see more of this as time goes by.

    Their food supplies and habitats are also diminishing, so birds and wild animals are forced to adapt to new climates and environments.

    Put a bunch of peanuts outside your window, the Bluejays will thank you! It's amazing how they'll gulp down a whole, unshelled peanut!


  • Gretchen956

    Trust me, they also love dog food, although you have to be wary of rodents when putting that outside, probably better elevated. Having said that, I truly believe they'll eat almost anything and will chase off any other bird that shows an interest! Very pretty birds, though. As Poztate said, we have those Stellar Jays out here instead. I do think their temperment is similar, though.


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