Chicago Pics!

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  • ButtLight
    Everyone headed back to the hotel, so I am probably the first one up.

    Well, looking at the time you posted, I would have to say NOT! Miss brooke was up really early. I had a great time, and it was fun meeting everyone! Now all I have to do is make it home in one piece, with brooke driving 90 to 100 miles an hour!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Just a little update. The party broke a little early due to the Brew Pub closing early last nite. So we said our goodbyes and had hugs and kisses [in some cases] all around. Most of the group - Jourles, Buttlight, Brooke, Blondie, Irreverant - were staying at the same hotel, so they were going back together to swim. {Jourles played designated driver to Brooke and Buttlight to the relief of all who watched the consumption of alcohol during the evening.} CYP went back to his house without a single Smurf hanging on him, and no 666 carved into his forehead - his wife will be impressed. Wifey and I went back to our room in Rolling Prairie.

    ON Monday wifey and I spent some time at the Shedd's Aquarium in Chicago, and walked about the loop area of downtown for a while. Then the trip home for us.

    I think all had a nice time. Plans are in the works for a summer event of as much quality as this one.

    We found our first 'apostaevent' to be stimulating and refreshing. And I learned a new way to drink - two at a time.


  • Jourles

    Whew! First time I've had to really get on the web today. As always, it is an absolute thrill to finally put the faces with the names(brooke not included - picture whore! - "I gets paid!").

    I had met Blondie and Irreverent a few years ago so it was nice to see them again. They're such sneaky debils. Still fading and not yet df'd or da'd - that's gotta be a record in Blondie's case - just look at her post count! They seem like a long lost aunt and uncle of mine.

    AK-Jeff and wife were totally different than I had expected. So down to earth and sweet - how could you ever shun them? Jeff, you need to get your wife to sign up here. She would fit right in. I think you may have started something with that two beer you think we'll be seeing copycats in future pictures of 'fests?

    Check Your Premises was pretty close to what I was expecting. I have a feeling that we probably have a lot in common, but as with most meetups, there never really is enough time to talk with everyone at length. He was so clean-cut, he could easily have passed as the most *spiritual* of the group - at least if a JW were to judge based on appearances...

    Buttlight and Whyamihere seemed like they've been friends forever. You would never have guessed that this was only the second time they have been together in person. Brooke is an extremely rabid sports fan. She will go all kung fu on your ass if you root for the opposite team.(Go Broncos!) Both of them are very sweet and a barrel of fun at the same time. Pictures and words from a message board just doesn't compare to meeting the real person.

    All in all, it was a very successful meetup. For future meetups, it would probably be a good idea to start it off earlier and find a place that isn't closing down early for an employee party. Oh well, we'll remember those tips for next time.

    ****Another round of hugs goes out to everyone who was there last night!****

    ......I will add a few more pics from last night in a little bit

  • luna2

    Looks like you guys had a great time! Loved all the pictures.

  • Sunspot

    Isn't it strange that such a rotten experience (coming out of an evil cult) can instantly bond such warm, loving and genuinely funny people together like this? Those of us who cant BE there, are happy just seeing these pictures and hearing the experiences!

    I have lost track of my "who's who" card....who is the guy in the blue patterned shirt after the one of Jeff and his wife? Mighty talented dude!



  • FlyingHighNow

    Wow, what a good looking trio. And Jeff and wife, beautiful, soulful people. Woooo to all of you.

  • Thegoodgirl

    Wish I could have been there...

    And another future tip: let's have it closer to downtown with CTA ACCESS!!!

  • Jourles

    AK Jeff and wife(not sure if she wants her name on here):

    Brooke and I:

    I think Brooke had a few too many Jack & Cokes at this point and I was going for The Rock look(that's Irreverent in the background yellowed out):

    The best "cute" look I could muster:

    And the raving ravishing duo:

    We got CYP and Blondie on camera too. PM me for the links to their pics.... (Blondie and CYP -- Just send me that $20 via Paypal like we talked about and those links disappear forever) ....kidding

  • Jourles

    It's crazy when the amount of non-df'd/da'd ones outnumber the ones who are df'd or da'd at the meetups. Buttlight and myself were the only ones df'd in the group. It just goes to show that there are many more witnesses out there who are willing to break the rules and thumb their noses at Mother.

  • FlyingHighNow

    ButtLight, you have really coooool looking teeth and smile.

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