Chicago Pics!

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  • Check_Your_Premises
  • Check_Your_Premises
  • JH

    Hey, all your IP's are all the same, I'm telling Simon... Multiple accounts

    So, are the black hawks winning the football game?

  • z

    Who care I wonna see more pic of brooke sideway or what over

  • IronClaw

    Great pic's, Even though my New York Giants are out of it, I'll still have a beer or two with ya. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Check_Your_Premises

    Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brooke is a freak!!!!!!!!! Good god if I have to take another trip with her, I will have to kill myself!!!!!!!!!! Its buttlight by the way!

  • JH
    Ok, technically Brooke is not a slut because she charges.

    OK, technically Broke, she is not a slut because she charges....

    Then why is she broke?

  • Check_Your_Premises

    Blondie here

    Things look bleak for Chicago. They better get their butts in gear!

    We are still partaking of the local brew...not bad for American beer.

    Brooke is a lovely young woman, Buttlight is too. We are all fill in the blank.

    CYP, well, he reminds me of an actor. I'll post that later on Monday.

    Jourles, AK-Jeff and his wife are so easy to be with.

    But where is our food. Jourles is eating soup next to me and I want to snatch it away.

    Wish you were all here.


  • z

    Its buttlight by the way!
    O.K so lets see her pic

  • AlmostAtheist

    >>don't go against her when her favorite foosball team is playing.

    There's Foosball?!?!

    Damn, if I'd known there was gonna be foosball, I'd've come.


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