Sicker than a dog last night - info needed

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    OK you all have some good ideas. I will find out about the alarm and talk to the one board member I know.

    I was feeling OK when I got up this morning. Had a couple of crackers. But if I move my head too fast I still get a little dizzy

    Found some Gatorade to drink and a glass of water.

    I had my flu shot but I know you can catch one of the flu strains that the shot didn't cover. But I don't think it's the flu.

    Lee *who has never had the tequila flu and not sure I want to*

  • gumby
    Lee *who has never had the tequila flu and not sure I want to*

    Ooooooh sweetie, you don't want that flu! Anyone who ends up hugging a comode and putting their face in it and getting spashbacks when they vomit.......deserves it!

    Gumby....* who has since learned to aim his vomit in the commode while standing up*......or just go outside and let the coyotes have a mixed drink. Yuk!

  • jgnat

    My doctor-sister always tells me, the flu shot won't cover the stomach flu! Totally different bug.

    I can relate to that vulnerable feeling. The closest I got was when I was bedridden four days with a nasty bug, and it was just me and my two pre-school munchkins. I was pretty wobbly on the fourth day, but I did manage to get myself to a doctor. I wondered, what if I had fainted? What if I had become so weak I COULDN'T have gotten up?

    Thank God we now live in the age of cell phones.

    As far as the EMT's being able to get in to your apartment, why not ask them when you are feeling better? I imagine they've run in to this scenario before, and probably have a way of dealing with it.

    I vote for the "I've fallen and I can't get up" beeper too. My hubby's parents had those, too, but they were virtually useless for them as Mama and Papa's dementia was pretty well advanced. They simply hung it on a hook in the kitchen and forgot about it. I don't think you would forget what it's for.

    Or a nice, light cell phone, pay-per-call.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Good idea JG

    I went to lie down again because I was feeling a little nauseous again. Just got a phone call from my son-in-law. My 11yr old grand-daughter was taken in to the hospital. She had the same symptoms as I did last night. They are taking out her appendix today. Now if mine wasn't already gone I would be wondering about sympathy pains.

  • MsMcDucket

    I think that Gumby was talking about this:

    LifeLink Medical Emergency Alert System - LifeLink no monthly fee medical emergency medical alert systems offer help if you've fallen and can't get up with the press of a button on a wireless pendant

  • rebel8

    If the above thingee is not an option, you might be able to get one of those personal alarms that just makes noise, so your neighbors will know you need help.

    (I have been in that situation several times. It's scary. )

  • MsMcDucket
    (I have been in that situation several times. It's scary.

    I've blacked out right outside my door. I was too weak to knock on the door, too weak to call out for help...My husband heard a crash in the garage and he came to see what it was. There I was sprawled on the garage door ramp. The ramp railing kept me from hitting the cement floor, but I broke the rail.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    great ideas MsMcD and rebel

    I will do some calling around tomorrow about them.

    I also need an aid to help me get my groceries at the beginning of the month. I ususally do one big shopping and have it delivered and then just pick up odds and ends throughout the month. The store has said that it isn't their job to get an employee to take me around the store. And sadly they are the closest store

  • Nina

    I've taken a much more independent approach to situations like these: ride it out.

    Several people have mentioned that they wouldn't have called for help if they could have, but look!, they made it through without assistance. It's all the more frightening when there are children at home, the fear is that they will need something or won't be well-taken care of but ya know...everyone who posted made it through and so did their children. Fear isn't always an indicator of imminent danger and uncertainty isn't always a negative thing.

    Every now and then I suppose "the worst" does happen. If there are children involved we may read about it, if not, well, is it so bad to go out alone? The way I look at it, if there's no one there when I need them I certainly don't want to call for assistance from people who don't want to be there!

    When these episodes are over it doesn't take long to forget them. Maybe that's a good measure of their importance.

    My "plan" is generally to deal with what occurs, afterward regather my strength, then move on to the next thing in my life. It's worked for me for years. It taught my young children self-sufficiency as well. You have nooooo idea how much those "lessons" helped them in later years.

    Nina (who believes that inner strength is something you have to build one crisis at a time)

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Lee, when Crabby Pants had a broken hip and was pretty much tied to a chair or the bed, we got something called "Lifeline" from a local hospital. There's a necklace with an alarm button in case he fell while I was at work. Also, there's a box with an alarm button on it that was hooked up to the phone. If for some reason, he was away from the phone and fell, he could push on the alarm button which hung from his neck and the alarm box would contact local emergency services. The box has a speaker in it, so the EMTs could speak to him through the box and they could hear him no matter where he fell. The only other thing we had to do was make sure there was a door key hidden OUTSIDE where the EMTs could find it in case of emergency.

    Why were you upchuckin', Lee? Was it a stomach virus or perhaps food poisoning or from some unknown source? If it wasn't food poisoning, that cinnamon remedy will stop it and settle your stomach down. You can either take the cinnamon capsules, or make cinnamon tea (2 heaping tsps. of gr. cinnamon in the coffee basket & pot of water).


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