Sicker than a dog last night - info needed

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  • wednesday

    Here we have Meals on wheels, and part of their job is to alert someone if they cannot get you to the door. Also, there is a program for senior /disabled" friends". This person calls you once a day to check on you . I have also seen those commericals for life alert. It is a bracelet you wear and if you need help it calls 911. But it costs money. I would be in the same situation if mny hubby were not here.

    Hoping we can all find you a solution.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    I think it was the food. I left it out to thaw and maybe left it out too long

    BTW Happy Belated Birthday


    I think what made it real scary was that just before I moved here the man in the next room to me collapsed in his room. I heard him fall in the bathroom. By the time I alerted staff and they could get the paramedics there he was already gone. They tried to resusitate him but it was too late.

    These things do happen. Living alone makes me realize that sometimes I may need help. Yes I made it through. As independant as I want to be I do need to be aware of accidents and the need to make sure I can get help when I need it. Being prepared for these kinds of things is far better than finding out too late that there were things I could have done.

    And for me to have even considered calling anyone it was bad. I am way too independant sometimes for my own good.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The woman next to me has Meals on Wheels. The other day they just left it on the floor at her door.

    But there is a program fairly close to here called Good Companions. I will give them a call tomorrow also. It is for seniors and people with disabilities.

    I think I will be busy tomorrow.

  • luna2
    Living alone makes me realize that sometimes I may need help

    Absolutely! Even if you are an independant person who doesn't want to bother people, if you live alone you run the risk of getting seriously ill, falling and injuring yourself or something else that you couldn't just "ride out".

    You don't even have to have health issues for it to be a concern. I was merely clumsy, tripped, and almost fell down the stairs the other day...made me think about what would happen if I broke my leg...especially since I disconnected the phone downstairs because I'm painting. On the weekend very few people call me on a regular basis, and even if they did, if I didn't answer, they wouldn't jump to the conclusion that I was in trouble or anything. Hmmm, guess I'd better get that phone plugged back into the jack.

    Hope you can come up with some ideas that'll work for your situation, Lady Lee.

  • knothead34

    my husband was sick like that a few weeks ago and the only thing that eased the vomiting was liquilytes(similar to pedialite). I gave him 1 small sip every 20minutes until the entire 8oz. was gone. He kept it down and didn't throw up any more. the important thing with these electrolyte balancers is to only drink 1 to 2ccs every 20minutes. Any more and it'll probably come back up.These really saved him from getting too dehydrated and settled his stomach. He ended up drinking almost 2 and then switched to water and gingerale. Hope you feel better soon.

  • knothead34

    My family was considering something like the lifeline for our mother. We also looked into ADT. They have a medical alert option with their security package. it costs alot to have it installed(about $200) but then it's ony around $35-$80 a month depending on which package you choose.

  • DannyHaszard

    Danny has an ileostomy appliance (colostomy bag) from a total proctocolectomy removal of my entire bowel.This was the end stage of 28 brutal years of unrelenting ulcerative colitis.

    I can have empathy for any one who is sick especially a chronic disease,get well soon my dear.PM me if problems are bowel related,interesting that folks will discuss every kind of sex topic but are squeamish about the bowel.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thanks Danny

    Things seem to have settled down. I actually ate something and it has stayed inside. I'm just taking it easy.

    colitis - that is one nasty disease.

    I have to wonder how living in the stress of a JW home contributed to the illness. I bet it made it a lot worse.

  • MsMcDucket
    I've taken a much more independent approach to situations like these: ride it out .
    You can't do that with me. I'm a diabetic. I, also, have hypothyroidism. The newest thing that I have is the paralyzed vocal cord that causes laryngospasms (Talk about thinking that you'll never be able to breathe again!). My daughter and my husband dragged me to bed, checked my blood sugar, and checked my blood pressure. By the time the paramedics got there, it was over. I was too tired to go to the hospital. My husband didn't want me in the hospital, again. So, I didn't go; but the doctor said that I should have went in. He made me go in and stay overnight to be watched. Then he wanted me to go see a neurologist. I've been to so many doctors since that horrible thyroidectomy that I don't want to see anymore. It, usually, ends up with me being hospitalized. (sigh)
    I think I clicked on the quote box too many times. So, I decided to write something in here! Eheh! I use to have a picture of me with a tracheostomy. If I find it, I'll post it. If I take a good enough picture, you can see the scar.
  • lostlantern

    Maybe you should do what my parents have done, have a phone put in the bathroom right next to the toilet. A little gross I know, sort of funny but it has come in handy for them.

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