Check this out! my first act of "rebellion"...

by freedomlover 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • IronClaw

    Good for you freedomlover.

  • Undecided

    I don't like belly-button rings, but I sure like your belly!

    Ken P.

  • Elsewhere

    Nice belly!

    That ring looks like a nice starting point for nibbling!

  • CountryGuy

    Cool! I'm sure you're still feeling the effects of the "rush" from your act of rebellion!

    My first was piercing my ear. The latest was the tattoo that you see in my avitar. But becareful, tattoos are very addictive. I'm getting my next tat on Valentine's. I'm getting my partner's name, in Chinese, put on my arm.


  • Lilycurly

    After I got out I had a very delicate outline of a crescent moon on the back of my neck, just under my hairline. It's small and light brown. My sister got a matching one. All the time I was having it done I told to myself that every time I would think about it, I would remember not to let my life in the hands of a person or group ever again. This one is very symbolic to me.

    I also bought a pentacle, a cross and a anke-cross necklaces, because I have always found them absolutely beautiful and wanted to feel how it was like, wearing one. Freedom! lol But I felt really strange at everyone was staring at my neck, wich I'm sure they didn'

  • stillAwitness


  • sixsixsixtynine

    Hmmm.....I think I don't see a wedding ring!?

  • freedomlover

    LOL!! funny comments you guys...

    lillycurl - sounds like a sweet tatt.

    six - HA HA! my husband noticed the same thing when he took the pic.....I have a "bad" habit of forgetting to put it on.....

  • Virgogirl

    I have a belly ring too. It hurt less than my ear piercing. Do the Witlesses regard this as a no-no? Cause then I'm in trouble. I showed mine to my Mom recently, a sapphire in a sterling flower and she grimaced and rolled her eyes. She finally did admit it was cute. Yours looks really cool, Freedomlover, and good for you for doing it if you wanted to!

  • Es

    I love belly button rings....hehe i was cheeky and got one while i was still in the borg


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