Circuit Overseer Visit

by RichieRich 66 Replies latest jw friends

  • Confession

    Oh boy! You all are giving Richie some serious ideas here. You know he's going to try something. Richie, let us know how it goes.

  • Forscher

    I like the one about going to college because of the downsizing at Bethel the best. But I'd say don't rock the boat just yet RR. The time for better things will come!

  • Forscher

    woo hooo! Half way to Jedi!

  • moshe

    questions I would like to ask the CO- ,

    -have you ever lied to the publishers?

    do you have a pension plan for retirement?

    What ever happened to the king of the north ( Russia)?

    Why does Jehovah keep replacing the annointed remnant replacements who fall away from the truth- doesn't an omnipotent God see into the future and pick someone who wouldn't disqualify himself. Why does the number of partakers stay at 8000 year after year- going on 20 years now.

    Are you happy?

    When are you going to stop lying?



  • stillAwitness

    What came first, the chicken or the egg?

  • stillAwitness
    Ask him if Sister CO ever gave him a blow job. Or how often she puts out.

    Damn, Scully! She's gone into diva mode! Watch out now!

  • Krystal
    Can I join the YMCA to use their swimming pool since the WBTS joined the UN to use their library?

    ROFL!! Omg... that is GREAT! I am writing that down! LOL

  • MsMcDucket
    See if your mom can get him for dinner one day. Help her bake a chocolate cake for him and slip in some exlax so he'll have the runs during one of the elders meetings.

    Or say that was a really good blood pudding chocolate cake. Then say it isn't a sin to eat blood if you're an alien resident. Is it?

  • Mary

    Ask him if he's ever gotten sexually excited during a Judicial Committee when he's listening to what some 18 year sister did to her boyfriend.

    Tell him you hope the Society provides a good 401K for him, cause the way things are looking----he's gonna need it.

  • rebel8

    Telling you are having urges to cross dress!! Tape the conversation and put it up on the internet so we can listen. I know you could milk it for all it's worth are good at practical jokes....don't let him change the subject, just keep on asking really embarassing questions. (Just be sure you say you haven't acted on the urges....don't want to get reprooved again.)

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