Circuit Overseer Visit

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  • Scully

    Ask him if Sister CO ever gave him a blow job. Or how often she puts out.

  • Cellist

    Ask him if it's true that some elders get their cars serviced and slip it into the CO car's expenses?

    Cellist (Not as far-fetched as it sounds)

  • Scully

    Does your congregation still do that thing where the CO goes to selected publishers' homes for lunch and dinner for the duration of their visit?

    Around here, the COs have gotten into the habit of going to restaurants for lunches and dinners and then they expect the congregation to cover their expenses, rather than availing themselves of the congregation's hospitality and affording them with a spiritually uplifting family visits Tsk tsk... Maybe ask why COs started gouging the congregations like that...

  • Honesty

    You might ask, "Brother CO, some of my acquaintances have been mentioning an article entitled 'JW's, Blood Transfusions and the Tort of Misrepresentation' written by an attorney. They want to know why the Society deliberately misquoted their sources for the Blood brochure. What should I tell them in reply as I am trying to lead them to Jehovah's organisation?"

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Kudos to Nathan and Scully. Both presenting excellent topics for conversation. LOL

  • DaCheech

    Can I attend bethel?

    Is there Job security in Bethel?

    Is there Job security in being a CO?

    Is there JEhovah security in being a Zealot?

  • LDH
    as he wafts by on little golden clouds of adoration from the R&F.

    LOL!!!!! Good one Nina!

    How about:

    Can I join the YMCA to use their swimming pool since the WBTS joined the UN to use their library?

  • magoo
    magoo make sure he stays floating on those" golden clouds" bake him some nice "magic" brownies


  • lookingfortruth2

    Have they 'officially' announced that Bethel is downsizng?

  • Scully

    heh heh... With these upcoming "layoffs" (aka "downsizing") maybe he's worried about losing his position to someone with more seniority at Bethel... ask him if there's a severance package for everyone who gets laid off. Or if there is any recourse in Workers' Compensation if he gets injured "on the job".

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