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  • sinis

    Thought this was extremely funny and pathetic:


    well technically anyone in a religion other than our own is an apostate. Because they're beliefs scew the truth. Although the really bad apostates are the ones that lie about being a witness and build your trust and then start pushing their beliefs on you. Its like. How do they expect us to believe that what they are saying is the truth if they lie to us right off the bat? Deception and Lying come from the Devil. Jehovah's witnesses tell the truth right off the bat. Well yah, thats all I have to say... well all I feel like typing at this juncture.

    I do not understand where they dig this crap up from. Here is the scripture I found concerning "apostasy":

    Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. The one who abides in the doctrine of Christ has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive them into your house (2 John 9-11).

    Yet this does not mean that you have disowned a "church" but rather that you knew of and disowned the Christ. These young folks are truely disillusioned.

  • kid-A

    Thanks for the link. What is most interesting and disturbing is reading through the posts of these "kewl" JW 'youths', I enjoyed this loving gem from one of the "brothers":

    " Try this technique. Give this person a swift kick between the legs. When they're on the ground listen for cursing. That will tell you exactly what you need to know"

    This was probably posted by a "pioneer".......the comments posted by these wonderful dubs certainly reveals what spiteful, hateful people they have been brainwashed into becoming and what

    utter disdain they have for the 'evil' worldly people they harass at the doors. Such a vivid reminder of the arrogant, self-righteous little shits I used to know in the borg, especially those priggish little JW teens with their arrogant delusions of superiority instilled by the WTS.

  • Lilycurly


    "It is best to look for obvious signs of satanism in their yard or around the door, you hve to remember this is who they serve!"

    Yes, because, obviously, all apostates will have a big huge inversed pentagram on their door and some devilish statues...perhaps a few black candles and skulls lying around.

  • BizzyBee

    It is pathetic - these are young people who should be building their lives and looking forward to the future - instead they are carrying a message rooted in fear.

  • sinis

    Well, it looks like the Great Tribulation is right around the corner:


    A brother that attended the bethel annual meeting told my family about what was said.
    Bethel is downsizing and not accepting anybody now..they are sending the brothers and sisters to go back home to FOCUS on the preaching work.
    They even said that there might not even be another annual meeting next year..we may be in hiding...Brothers and Sisters need to be out there in the ministry now!
    Thought i needed to share this...its happening..Thank Jehovah.

    So my question is, who are the REAL apostates?

  • Finally-Free

    How pathetic! Why do they assume we even want to talk to them? I'd be happy to get my mom out of the cult, but as for the rest of them, who cares? The JWs treated me like shit for 20 years when I was one of them. Why should I do them any favours by trying to reason with them? They could all die tomorrow and it wouldn't spoil my breakfast.

    I'm glad they don't want to talk to me!


  • avishai

    Anyone wanna post a bulletin on myspace with that link ,

    Something along the lines of "Here's what JW's REALLY think of you?

  • integ

    Man...if I ever I start to get that ole warm fuzzy feeling about the witnesses again, I read that crap, and it reminds me what freakin' jerks the witness are. They are such pompous asses. And cowards too. They never even have the guts to truly defend their beliefs. If you think differently from them. you are an apostate... someone who has turned against God. The witnesses are the biggest test I have in obtaining peace of mind and unconditional forgiveness. They stir up such hatred in me that it's extremely difficult to let it go. They are such damn annoying bastards....I think THEY are the ones from Satan...if anybody is.


  • cruzanheart
    Yes, because, obviously, all apostates will have a big huge inversed pentagram on their door and some devilish statues...perhaps a few black candles and skulls lying around.

    Nope, just dog poop.

    we may be in hiding

    Oh, good grief, where are they going to be hiding? The Ozarks? Jonestown? Neiman Marcus? They're going to have to come up with a better doomsday prophecy than that to keep the money rolling in and the flock in subjection.


  • beksbks

    I think it's a real shame that these kids have obviously been so brainwashed by the org, that they were unable to concentrate on spelling and vocabulary lessons.

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