Without naming your city, tell us more about it

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  • acsot

    Krystal, I gotta agree with you there!

    don't forget the jazz festival, and in March there's the Salon des vins (wine & spirits will be taking over the convention centre for 4 days - I better take the Monday off work!)

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I live near the great pyramid.

  • jessthebull

    I live in the biggest city in my country (which would make it a small city else where). It is between two harbours and there are around 50 dormant or extinct volcanoes in the city.

    So there are lots of beaches and city parks.

  • Krystal

    Acsot, there is the Just for Laughs festival... and the Gay Pride Parade, not to mention St Patrick's Day...


  • Plummet

    Our town of 50,000 is surounded by the four sacret mountains that protect us from extreme weather. To the Native Americans in the area it is known as Totah, or the land where three rivers meet. Two of our rivers are among only six in the world that do not have dams. We are an Oil Field and Natural Gas town. Our Nearby refinery produces much gasoline for the state, however we pay the second highest gas prices in the state. Our area is also rich in coal and two of our Coal Powerplants produce electricity for nearby states.

    We have awesome sunsets and colorful sunrises everyday. We have World Class river fishing 45 min. away, where anything UNDER 20" must be put back. The states 2nd largest lake in nearby and it makes for some great camping and fishing. We do not have any BBQ. Our annual rainfall is about 7 inches. We are about an hour away from great skiing and snowboarding. Our winters are mild, and there is about 2 weeks of really hot weather during the summer. NO HUMIDITY! We are a couple hours away from the worlds largest International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. We are also a couple hours away from the only place in the US where you can be in four states at one time. We sometimes have lightning with snowstorms.

    The propane leak stop valve that is on every propane bottle for the past 4 years now was invented here. Almost every resteraunt has the word la or los in it. You can get Green chili on everything here. We don't have any good BBQ places here. The guy who played superman, Something Reeves I think, had a van retrofited to make it handicap acessable here.

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    best BBQ, ???????/

    er excuse me - that is Kansas City
    i stand by my previous statememnt grrrr...dang highlighter!!! luv, jojo

  • Mastodon

    A lot of fat mexicans in my city. So many places to eat, damnit!

  • sammielee24
    There is a shrine that attracts many tourists in the summer time

    ...a gorgeous bay...thousands of islands...murals.....sw

  • Quentin

    I live in a town that is the birth place of Broadway star Mary Martin, her son, actor Larry Hagman(sp), attended high school in this town and used to visit here quite often. His brother was involved in a money scandal and left the area several years ago. A movie depicting the life of Quanah Parker was filmed in and around this town. Charles Loving and Bose Ikard are buried here. Parts of the Lonesome Dove story is based on their cowboy days.

  • undercover

    George Washington slept here.


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