Just want to gain insight on the overall attitude of most on here.

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  • skyman

    excite did you take her home?

    Stilla why are you here? do you want to learn about the JW from the other perspective? Do think you may ever leave, or youlike alot of us stuck in the Borg with really no eay out?

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    If I am ever bitter, it is simply out of frustration to speak my mind without fear of being rejected.

    I actually don't feel bitter. Mainly because I realize that from the bottom up everyone in this org pretty much totally believes what they are a part of is the true religion. There is no conspiracy to ruin the world, or it's members. It's simply imperfect men doing what they think is right.

    I try to look at just the single believer, just like I was. I was once part of the same mental additude. To be bitter that other people are as well just dosn't seem right.

  • dinah

    Hey Stilla,

    You could probably say I'm bitter--but I don't want to be. It wastes alot of energy. Since I was born into it, I never really had a choice. I've had anxiety and depression problems my whole life. (Actually have a little bald spot where I pull hair from my head one at a time on some days). The one thing that gets me is I'll never know how my life could have been. It makes me so sad (and angry). It just seems like a waste. Maybe I should see a shrink, but I don't want to. Maybe it's fear of how they treat "religious nuts".

    Whoever it was that posted those steps to recovery, THANKS. I seem to be stuck between step 2 and 3.


  • Flash

    Angry yes, but...

    My Profile: Hello ~ Like most everyone here I have a story to tell, I have wounds and I have anger. You'll notice from my posts I am PRO God and Bible Truth and ANTI Cult/Organization. I believe the Witnesses are God's people and have the primary truths about God and His purposes correct, but like the Israelites of Jesus day, the Witnesses, begining with their leaders, have left the love Christ laid out for us and are 'lording it over His congregation.' I also believe the Governing Body to be lead by those Slaves that are Unfaithful/Evil and have been beating Jesus's congregation. The beating the Evil Slave Class has been giving to both their 'fellow slaves' and the 'menservants and maidsevants' (IMO since Russell's passing) comes in the form of dealing with the congregation in an very oppressive, heavy handed way, conditioning everyone to be afraid, causing them to constantly gauge themselves against the 'Organizationally Correct' views thus making them restrained in their thinking, their speech and their behavior. The Unfaithul Slave is constantly manipulating and controling God's people with Guilt and Fear while deliberately confusing their thinking with Self Doubt, forcing them to live unnessasarily small lives purely based on their own pridefull reasoning. They also have taken the individuality of everyone away, leaving them only as empty shells of the persons they once were. They also see things in the Bible that aren't there then teach and mandate them as Divine Truths and Commands. - I'm a divorcee and father of two. I was baptized in 75 faded in and out over the years then stopped attending the Hall completely in 2002 after wrongly being the subject of a Marking Talk. I still worship Jehovah but as an INDIVDUAL. I live by the standards of God and His Son and not those of elitist men. Although I'm not DF'd or DA'd (yet) I am shunned by all as if I am and by my children as well. PM's welcome.

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