The Watchtower Society achieved their goal

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  • IronClaw

    my last post was addressed to Schizm. Nice post Honesty

  • Schizm
    For a great example of this check WTBT$ literature and compare their words with their actions Thats all you have to do. LOOK at the evidence. Unless thats too difficult for you.

    The person making the "claim" is the one who is responsible for providing the "evidence". So far, Honesty hasn't offered one scintilla of evidence to back up the claim. I personally think that Honesty is just too plain lazy to do it. That's the way lazy people are, they would prefer their readers do all the work.

    The Watchtower Society achieved their goal. They were able to use the United Nations to get access into countries where their literature had previously been banned or rejected. -- Honesty.

    Do you have proof for what you claim. What proof do you have that the WTS used the UN for the purpose you say? Which countries did the WTS now have access to?

    The readers of your post want to know. -- Schizm

    I'll ask you once more, Honesty: Which countries does the WTS now have access to that weren't accessable prior to becoming an NGO with the UN? Are you going to side-step the question again? Wait for someone else to answer for you? Go into hiding again?


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