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  • TopHat

    I, personally DO NOT believe in organized religion...I believe there is God our Father and his son Jesus Christ.....I read the Bible and ask for God's Holy Spirit to guide me in understanding. That is all I can do for myself and my relationship with God since leaving the Watchtower org. Because of the corrupt nature of the WTS, I cannot support it.

  • AuldSoul
    I, personally DO NOT believe in organized religion

    TopHat, I can assure you, I have personally experienced it. It exists. You don't have to believe me, obviously, but it is real. I am a believer. I don't like the fact of its existence, but I believe in it.

    Okay, you can slap the snot out of my smart-aleck ass that doubles for a head right about....now.


  • jwfacts

    Welcome third eye, yours is an interesting story.

    As you said, you are really happy being able to finally think. You will be even more happy once you are finally free, so dont worry, it gets better from here.

    I would recommend not talking to the elder. You can not change a cult leader until they want to change. They have too much to loose to be honest with themselves.

    I have come to believe that in most areas that JWs differ from mainstream Christianity they are wrong. It is possibly worth you reading In Search of Christian Freedom by Franz as this discusses why some of the unique teachings are wrong. The Trinity is one teaching that is impossible to prove either way. There are good arguments for both sides. Franz doesn't discuss the Trinity but in a letter he sent to me he did say he does not believe in the Trinity.

    Welcome white rice. This forum is really for exJW's and anyone wanting to know the truth about the WTS. It gives you another perspective after being subjected to years of one sided indoctrination.

  • Third Eye Open
    Third Eye Open

    Thank you all again for welcoming me! Thanks for that little tidbit JWfact about Ray Franz not believing in the trinity I didn't know that. I am currently in the middle of In Search of Christian Freedom. I am going to stop meeting with this elder though, it's just a dog chasing its tail. I have seen both sides and I know what is truth or not, he has only seen the WTS and refuses to acknowledge the rest so there is no point. At the beginning when I met with him I printed all of the information off for him to see exactly where I was coming from and I only printed the information that he could find. (I didn't print anything from 1930 or earlier unless I had an authentic copy of the material with me so he could see it was all genuine and not made up by some stranger) I even have copies of the old Russell books Studies of the scriptures all six volumes. All he said to it though was that is so far in the past it doesn't mean anything now. Oh right because it proves against your teachings except when something from the past or someone outside the WTS said something positive then we will use it, other wise it's to old or apostasy! What a load of crap! You just can't win, so why bother?

  • Satanus

    Btw, the arguement that jesus wasn't god cuz he said god was greater than he holds no water. I will illustrate that w water. Let's say that you have a truck load of water. Now, take a glass and fill it w water from that truck. Is it still water? Same w jesus. His nature would remain the same, even being lesser than the original nature.


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