Bizarre JW stories of enduring hardship

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  • Spectrum

    "True as in 'true that it was repeated by the Witchtower' or true as in 'it really did happen'? (cant believe I am asking this!)"

    Both. The first case true because I heard it, and the second case has to be true if you are a dub.
    I just remember thinking at the time. Would Jehovah protect me like that or should I run rather than close my eyes and pray?

  • wombat

    I recall reading in a WT mag, probably 40 years ago, of a person in an isolated South American town who found a single Watchtower magazine.

    That person immediately accepted the Truth and followed it faithfully for very, very many years before actually meeting a JW.

    (I think that Danny Hassard just made a post regarding mental illness in the WTS)

  • Bangalore

    Quite interesting stuff.


  • HowTheBibleWasInvented


    Once upon a time a sister was out in the ministry and was working alone.

    She was in a bad part of the city working apartment doors in a rundown apartment.

    She knocked on a door and a weird guy answered and took the magazines in a hurry.

    As the sister left the police arrived and quickly hauled the guy out of the room. He had murdered a whole family.

    They found the magazines on him and asked why he didn't kill the Jehovah Witness at the door.

    He answered:

    "I couldn't do anything to her. There were two big men standing on both sides of her!"

    :p @ angels

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