Bizarre JW stories of enduring hardship

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  • Vormek2.8

    I remember hearing of a faithful older brother who was attacked by vicious dogs while in service. Even though his clothes were shredded and he was bleeding he continued walking door to door to finish his assigned territory for that day.

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    Well, if its true then he was an idiot, he should've gone to the doctor, and I'm sure that any householder would've thought the same.

  • Gill

    Welcome Vormek2.8!

    That sounds nasty!! And plain daft. You'd think he'd have had the sense to .... well, do whatever was necessary but as a JW, commonsense would not have come into it.

    Reminds me of an assembly in Dudley, where a married couple, both pioneer window cleaners were talking about their hardship. They lived for free in a caravan in a farmers field. But they had not got enough money for food and the basics of life. They told them how the Brothers in their local congregation suggested they go and pick stinging nettles and cook them for food. They did this. Then they boasted how Jehovah always provided for his servants. I remember thinking, 'why don't you get proper jobs?' even then, when I was a brainwashed dub. It made no sense. They complained of freezing in the winter, not being able to afford prescriptions, mould growing on their clothes in the damp caravan.....and how Jehovah was blessing them with many studies!!!!

  • Goldminer

    I remember the story of the brother who was a pioneer living on "Jehovah's gonna take care of me"...anyways he went in service one day and after along day of pioneering he was walking home.He was very hungry and had nothing to eat at home but he was confident Jehovah would provide.Then this guy pushing a carriage of cabbages sees him and throws a cabbage at him along with a few jehovah insults.Well the brother's trust in jehovah was rewarded and he had a fine meal of cabbage that night.


  • Balsam

    All the 29 years I was a witness and listened to these disgusting examples of faith at convention I would look around to see everyone nodding and saying isn't that wonderful. I thought there is no friggin way I would put up with living the way so many missionaries & pioneers lived. It was insane especially this pioneer sister who had say 8 kids and had to walk to the KH for meetings (no car) and walked in territories dragging her poor children around in all kind of weather. Then how Jehovah had blessed her even after her worldly husband had left her and she struggled to feed her kids. No mention of the friends helping this woman but she felt she had survived and all her children praised Jehober with her. These examples just made me so angry I could have spit nails. And that was while I was a JW.

    This Christian sacrificing spirit even during WWII and pioneering is just revolting. I hear such things sometimes from other Christian faiths but it just leaves me cold.


  • serendipity

    Hi vormek, welcome to the forum! I always wondered about the sanity of those people. They are fanatics, to be sure.

  • ferret

    Goldminer.....I loved your story, im still laughing

  • katiekitten

    Welcome Vormek.

    I used to hate those stories. About Africans walking 30 miles to each meeting, about Australians shoving tracts up wallabies arses and abbos finding them and getting the truth, about people poking magazines into cracks in walls and some dry stone waller getting the truth.

    What a load of crap.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Hee hee Katiekitten you are a complete cynic.

    I totally approve!!

  • Confession

    All right, I hate to get gruesome here, but there is a story I was once told about torture in Malawi that will forever remain in my memory. We had previously heard stories of people stomping on the stomachs of pregnant sisters for instance. But once I was told that some persecutors had tied the penises of two older brothers to some kind of cement block or something and made them walk with it for a long distance, facing each other.

    I clearly remember my mother telling me this, and I don't recall her being one to fall for the outrageous, overblown stuff. Has anyone here ever heard this one?

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