Did any of you head off to University after leaving the org

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  • yaddayadda

    One of my biggest regrets is not getting a degree, due to the JW brain-washing against higher education. I feel a strong sense of never having reached my academic potential and having been restricted in many ways by this. I was a high achiever at high school + some teachers were bemused that I never went on to varsity. Since leaving the dubs a couple of years ago I have a strong desire to just dive into the blue and head off to varsity and get my damned degree. My career sucks and I want a change. It feels like a scary thing to do at the age of 38 but it also feels kinda like it's now or never for me to get off the working merry-go-round and take the plunge. I am completely unmotivated by money and couldn't care less if my degree never equates to increased earning potential, just so long as I enjoy it. As an intellectual adventure.

    Have any of you taken this leap since leaving the org? Was it worth it?

  • one of 12
    one of 12

    I havn't as yet but have enrolled this year to do foundation studies in maths and science so that next year I begin a 3 year course in midwifery. I am sooooo looking forward to it. On saturday I went out and bought myself a laptop in preparation for it. My kids(6 of them ranging from 20 to ten years of age), are all excited for me as is my hubby.

    The biggest hurdle for me will be in the back of my mind my mother telling me that I would never amount to anything and "be content to be a mother and wife".

    I'm pleased to say that I have set my sights quite a bit higher than she did.


  • Mysterious

    Yep, I'm in my second year of a liberal arts degree and loving every minute of it. While the majority of my classes are young people there are quite a few adults in their mid 30's attending as well. I'm a firm believer in education at any age.

  • tijkmo

    yes...altho i was still attending when i went to college

    studying music..theory...recording...performance

    loving it

    i'm 45

  • PoliticallyNeutered2

    Disclaimer: I don't claim to be an expert. The stuff in this email could be false. If you use it, use it at your own risk. Also, since about 7/05, I've earnestly tried to keep my large-scale internet presence politically/religiously neutral. Stepping on big toes with such new and powerful technology seems highly incautious in my case.

    I did something similar to that. When I was about 21.5, I told the elders in a private meeting that I was leaving the organization. A conversation with them convinced me to stay for a while longer. They even let me keep my position as a Ministerial Servant. After all of this happened, I went to something close to a University for the first time. West Georgia College became the State University of West Georgia around that time. Now it is UWG. Mr. Hester, captain of the debate team, said that the second one looked as if it should be pronounced "sewage" (SUWG). About 7 months after I first attended a "university," in late February, I stopped attending meetings and "witnessing." I was no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses; and, I said so. A while later, an Elder showed up at the front door and asked for a letter of resignation from my position as a "Ministerial Servant." He even coached me on how he wanted it worded. Twice. I gave it to them, as he requested, although the wording was a bit of a stretch. However, note that I told them I was leaving before I ever went to a University; and, I was never counseled about anything, except perhaps a quick discussion when I first told them I was leaving. In all of this, I haven't said why I left; and, I haven't given other people a reason to go or leave, so I feel that I have not sacrificed "neutrality."

    The University is a topic I like to talk about! Yes, it was worth it, I think. I did quit a good full-time job to go there; and, I accumulated some student-loan debt; but, I believe that these things were well worth it. Later, I got a much better job as an engineer, which I quit to go back and finish the degree. That SECOND job I shouldn't have quit. Instead, I should have seen a therapist or a psychiatrist about the way my rage flared when anyone, including my boss, seemed to try to manipulate me without my conscious and informed consent. Messed up in the head I was, Yoda say... I don't get so angry when people try to manipulate me now. I just like them less sometimes. :)

    I'd be very happy to talk more about my university experience, if you like! I am the "Clinton" listed on this page as a UPE Alumnus:


    Also, that website has pictures of me competing in the 2002 ACM Southeastern Regional Collegiate Programming Contest. I'm posted those on this forum in the following thread on "post your awesomenesss:"


    Overall, I should probably mention that jobs are much more important than I gave them credit for back then; but, I'm still glad that I finished the degree. I just should have tried to finish it more slowly while trying to keep that second job, after getting psychological help.

  • Quentin
    Have any of you taken this leap since leaving the org? Was it worth it?

    Yes and worth every minute...most valuable thing you are taught is critical thinking...doesn't matter if your going for a degree in underwater basket weaving, you will be thought and will learn to think, for yourself. Independence is wonderful.

  • Carmel

    Absolutely! Worked my way through and came out with my degree and only owed $1900. Of course that was still a lot of money in them days! My first job after getting my BS was teaching high school biology and chemistry for $5400 for 9 months.. Soon found I had to have a Masters to do what I wanted..

    Looking back leaving the borg and going on to school was the best set of decisions I ever made.


  • bem

    I'm working on my third semester in a state college, working towards going to a university. My major is in Psychology/Sociology.

    I'm 45 and I am enjoying every minute of it. *Nearly everyone thats attending classes are younger than my children, My math teacher is my age.* But I made up my mind to follow through so far it's been great. Of course I have some good friends that are cheering me on. that always helps.


  • mamochan13

    yes, I went to university, and it was the best decision of my life. You are never too old to do it. university was a key factor in allowing me to achieve a measure of healing, and in helping me regain the self-esteem the religion had destroyed.

    In addition to gaining great personal satisfaction & the education I've always wanted (but was denied by the JW org), my eyes have been opened through critical thinking. I now know why the org discourages university. When you learn to analyze and question everything you are taught, it becomes very difficult to blindly accept teachings that make no sense.

  • Scully

    I started thinking about going to college a couple of years before we left the JWs. It was around the time when the Society had loosened up on the choke chain a bit and started sounding a lot more "mainstream" in terms of allowing JWs to have more than a high school diploma. Nevertheless, as soon as I confided in a JW friend that I wanted to go back to school, the rumor mill got a hold of the information and started making life even more miserable than it had been with my diagnosis of postpartum depression.

    I graduated with honours ... I've had a job that I love ever since. I'm actually contemplating taking a streamlined program to get a Bachelor's Degree. Some of my colleagues have informed me of some financial assistance options that could cover the vast majority of the expenses... so why not!?!

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