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    We sent our protest e-mail. What a wonderful way to start the new year.

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    When I click on "protest email" link, it does not allow me to send email. It gives me a small prompt window stating so.

    Can I just send it the .org address the mouse reveals?


  • sf

    If I may:


    Welcome to is not an official site of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (the global corporate organization of the "Jehovah's Witnesses" religion) and is not in any way affialiated with, run by or endorsed by them.

    This is a campaigning web site. Its purpose is to provide accurate information about the harmful and abusive policies of the Watchtower Society and to campaign to change those policies which have already adversely affected the lives of many thousands of people, and which damages many more every day these policies remain unchanged.

    Our first major campaign concerns Watchtower's sometimes lethal blood policies. Other campaigns are in the pipeline. Click the link at the top of the page to register and receive free newsletters and notifications of future campaigns. Your details will never be disclosed to any third parties.

    Send a protest email NOW to Watchtower Society: tell them what you think of their blood policy.

    Blood transfusion exposé paves the way for massive Jehovah’s Witness lawsuits

    A new article in the Autumn issue of Baylor University’s prestigious Journal of Church and State, exposes the vulnerability of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ religious organization to massive claims for damages because they misrepresented the medical risks of blood transfusions to bolster their religious tenets.

    "Could Your Child Make a Mature Decision?"

    The December 2005 Kingdom Ministry has an article "Could Your Child Make a Mature Decision?" It instructs parents to indoctrinate their kids to refuse blood and make themselves a martyr.

    Contents Blood Campaign
    Watchtower misrepresentation
    Send a protest email

    About Us sKally

  • sf

    Snail mailers:

    ALASKA 995072552 East 48th Ave., Anchorage.
    ALBANIAKutia postare 118,Tiranë.
    ANGOLACaixa Postal 6877, Luanda Sul.
    ANTIGUABox 119, St. Johns.
    ARGENTINACasilla de Correo 83 (Suc. 27B), 1427 Buenos Aires.
    ARMENIAul. Mirakian 51, 375031 Yerevan.
    AUSTRALIABox 280, Ingleburn, NSW 1890.
    AUSTRIAPostfach 67, A-1134 Vienna.
    BAHAMASBox N-1247, Nassau, N.P.
    BARBADOS, W.I.Crusher Site Road, Prospect, St. James.
    BELGIUMrue d’Argile-Potaardestraat 60, B-1950 Kraainem.
    BENIN, REP. OF06 B.P. 1131, Akpakpa pk3, Cotonou.
    BOLIVIACasilla 6397, Santa Cruz.
    BRAZILCaixa Postal 92, 18270-970 Tatuí, SP.
    BRITAINThe Ridgeway, London NW7 1RN.
    CAMEROONB.P. 889, Douala.
    CANADABox 4100, Halton Hills (Georgetown), Ontario L7G 4Y4.
    CHILECasilla 267, Puente Alto.
    COLOMBIAApartado Postal 85058, Bogotá 8, D.C.
    CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OFB.P. 634, Limete, Kinshasa.
    COSTA RICAApartado 187-3006, Barreal, Heredia.
    CROATIAp.p. 58, HR-10090 Zagreb-Susedgrad.
    CYPRUSP.O. Box 11033, CY-2550 Dali.
    CZECH REPUBLICP.O. Box 90, 198 21 Prague 9.
    DENMARKStenhusvej 28, DK-4300 Holbæk.
    DOMINICAN REPUBLICApartado 1742, Santo Domingo.
    ECUADORCasilla 09-01-1334, Guayaquil.
    EL SALVADORApartado Postal 401, San Salvador.
    ESTONIAPostbox 1075, 10302 Tallinn.
    ETHIOPIAP.O. Box 5522, Addis Ababa.
    FIJIBox 23, Suva.
    FINLANDPostbox 68, FI-01301 Vantaa.
    FRANCEB.P. 625, F-27406 Louviers cedex.
    GERMANYNiederselters, Am Steinfels, D-65618 Selters.
    GHANAP. O. Box GP 760, Accra.
    GREECE77 Kifisias Ave., GR-151 24, Marousi, Athens.
    GUADELOUPEMonmain, 97180 Sainte Anne.
    GUAM 96913143 Jehovah St., Barrigada.
    GUATEMALAApartado postal 711, 01901 Guatemala.
    GUYANA352-360 Tyrell St., Republic Park Phase 2 EBD.
    GUYANE FRANÇAISE (FRENCH GUIANA)328 CD2, Route du Tigre, 97300 Cayenne.
    HAITIPost Box 185, Port-au-Prince.
    HAWAII 968192055 Kam IV Rd., Honolulu.
    HONDURASApartado 147, Tegucigalpa.
    HONG KONG4 Kent Road, Kowloon Tong.
    HUNGARYH-1631 Budapest, Pf. 20.
    INDIAPost Box 6440, Yelahanka, Bangalore 560 064, KAR.
    INDONESIAJl. Danau Maninjau A-31, Jakarta Pusat 10210.
    IRELANDNewcastle, Greystones, Co. Wicklow.
    ISRAELP.O. Box 29345, Tel Aviv 61293.
    ITALYVia della Bufalotta 1281, I-00138 Rome RM.
    JAMAICAP. O. Box 103, Old Harbour, St. Catherine.
    JAPAN1271 Nakashinden, Ebina City, Kanagawa Pref., 243-0496.
    KENYAP. O. Box 47788, GPO Nairobi 00100.
    KOREA, REPUBLIC OFBox 33 Pyungtaek P. O., Kyunggido, 450-600.
    KYRGYZSTANPost Box 80, Bishkek 720080.
    LIBERIAP. O. Box 10-0380, 1000 Monrovia 10.
    LUXEMBOURGB. P. 2186, L-1021 Luxembourg, G. D.
    MADAGASCARB.P. 116, 105 Ivato.
    MALAWIBox 30749, Lilongwe 3.
    MALAYSIAPeti Surat No. 580, 75760 Melaka.
    MARTINIQUE20, rue de la Cour Campêche, 97200 Fort de France.
    MAURITIUSRue Baissac, Petit Verger, Pointe aux Sables.
    MEXICOApartado Postal 896, 06002 Mexico, D. F.
    MOZAMBIQUECaixa Postal 2600, Maputo.
    MYANMARP.O. Box 62, Yangon.
    NETHERLANDSNoordbargerstraat 77, NL-7812 AA Emmen.
    NEW CALEDONIABP 1741, 98874 Mont Dore.
    NEW ZEALANDP O Box 75-142, Manurewa.
    NICARAGUAApartado 3587, Managua.
    NIGERIAP.M.B. 1090, Benin City 300001, Edo State.
    NORWAYGaupeveien 24, N-1914 Ytre Enebakk.
    PANAMAApartado 0819-07567, El Dorado.
    PAPUA NEW GUINEAP. O. Box 636, Boroko, NCD 111.
    PARAGUAYCasilla de Correo 482, 1209 Asunción.
    PERUApartado 18-1055, Lima 18.
    PHILIPPINES, REPUBLIC OFP. O. Box 2044, 1060 Manila.
    POLANDul. Warszawska 14, PL-05-830 Nadarzyn.
    PORTUGALApartado 91, P-2766-955 Estoril.
    PUERTO RICO 00970P.O. Box 3980, Guaynabo.
    ROMANIACasuta Postala nr. 132, Oficiul Postal nr. 39, Bucuresti.
    RUSSIAP.O. Box 182, 190000 St. Petersburg.
    RWANDAB.P. 529, Kigali.
    SLOVAKIAP. O. Box 2, 830 04 Bratislava 34.
    SLOVENIAGroharjeva ulica 22, p.p. 22, SI-1241 Kamnik.
    SOLOMON ISLANDSP.O. Box 166, Honiara.
    SOUTH AFRICAPrivate Bag X2067, Krugersdorp, 1740.
    SPAINApartado 132, 28850 Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid).
    SRI LANKA, REP. OF711 Station Road, Wattala 11300.
    SURINAMEP.O. Box 2914, Paramaribo.
    SWEDENBox 5, SE-732 21 Arboga.
    SWITZERLANDP.O. Box 225, CH-3602 Thun.
    TAHITIB.P. 7715, 98719 Taravao.
    TAIWAN 327463-12 Shetze Village, Hsinwu.
    TANZANIABox 7992, Dar es Salaam.
    THAILAND69/1 Soi Phasuk, Sukhumwit Rd., Soi 2, Bangkok 10110.
    TOGO, WEST AFRICAB.P. 2983, Lomé.
    TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, REP. OFLower Rapsey Street & Laxmi Lane, Curepe.
    UKRAINEP.O. Box 246, 79000 Lviv.
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY 11201-2483.
    URUGUAYCasilla 17030, 12500 Montevideo.
    VENEZUELAApartado 20.364, Caracas, DC 1020A.
    ZAMBIABox 33459, Lusaka 10101.
    ZIMBABWEPrivate Bag WG-5001, Westgate.
  • sf

    Just want to throw this on the 'table' to munch on:

    SR - [ Translate this page ]
    ... sulla scorta dei parametri emodinamici e metabolici monitorizzati (Tab. 1).
    ... Preoperative Use of Erytropoietin in an Adolescent Jehovah’s Witness. ... - 64k - Cached - Similar pages

    A portion therein:


    1. STEIN JI , GOMBOTZ II., RIGLER B , METZLER H., SUPPAN C, BREITZE A.: Open heart surgery in Jehovah’s Witnesses: extreme hemodiluition on cardiopulmonary bypass. J Clin Anesth 1997; 9:510-3

    2. LEACH RM, TREACHER DF, The relationship between oxygen delivery and consumption. Dis Mon 1994; 30:301-8 .

    3 LEVY P, CHAVEZ RP, CRYSTAL GJ , ET AL Oxygen extraction ratio a valid indicator of transfusion need in limited coronary vascular reserve? J Trauma 1992; 32: 769-74.

    4. WILKERSON DK , RQSEN AL, GQULD SA., ET AL. Oxygen extraction ratio: a valid indicator of myocardial metabolism in anemia. J Surg Res 1987; 42: 629-34.

    5. COOLEY DA Conservation of Blood During Cardiovascular Surgery. The American Journal o f Surgery 1995 , 170: n.o.6A (Suppl.) 53S - 59S

    6. GOODNOUGH LT Erytropoietin is a Pharmacologic Alternative to Blood Transfusion in the Surgical Patient. Transfusion Medicine Reviews 1990; 4: 288-96.

    7. GQLDBERG MA, M C CUTCHEN IW JOVE M ET AL.: A safety and efficacy comparison studyof two dosing regimens of epoietin alfa in patients undergoing miajor orthopedic surgery. Am J Orthop 1996; 25:544-51 .

    8. D’AMBRA MN, GRAY RJ, HILLMAN R., JONES JW, KIM HC, RAWITSCHER R ET AL. Effect of recombinant human erythropoietin on trasfusion risk in coronary bypass patients. Ann Thorac Surgery 1997; 64: 1686-93.

    9. ROTHSTEIN P ET AL.: Preoperative Use of Erytropoietin in an Adolescent Jehovah’s Witness. Anesthesiology, 1990; 73:568-70 .

    10. RUTHEFQRD CJ: Efficacy of different dosing regimens for recombinant human Erytropoietin in a simulated perisurgical setting: the importance of iron availability in optimizing response. The American Journal of Medicine 1994; 96: 139-45 .

    11. MALAN TP, WHJTMORE J , MADDI R Reoperative cardiac surgery in a Jehovah’s wit ness: role of continous cells salvage and in line reinfusion. J Cardiothorac Anesth 1989; 3: 311-4

    12. RQSOLSKI T, MATTHEY T, FRICK U, HACHENBERG T Blood separation with two different autotransfusion devices: effects on blood cell quality and coagulation variables. The International J of Artif Organs 1998; 21: 820-4.

    13. CQOLEY D.A., CRAWFQRD E.S., HQWELL J.F. ET AL. Qpen Heart Surgery in Jehovah’s Witnesses. Am J Cardiol 1964; 13:779-81.

    14. Practice strategies for elective red blood cell tran­sfusion: A Clinical Practice Guideline from American College of Physician. Ann Intern Med

  • RevFrank

    No matter what the Watchtower says, the watchtower turns their followers away from the bible.

    Let's look at Isaiah 43:10........(NWTHS)..."You are my witnesses is the utterance of Jehovah..even my servant whom I have chosen, in order that you may know and have faith in Me, and that you may understand that I am the same One. Before me there was no God formed, and after me there continued to be none....11>I am Jehovah and besides me there is no Savior."

    But don't stop there....there's Acts says..."but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit arrives upon you, and you will be witnesses of me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the most distant part of the earth.."

    So Jehovah said it about witnesses and Himself, yet Jesus said the same..Which is which? But wait...there's more.........

    As I said in Isaiah 43:11....where Jehovah God says there is no other Savior, yet in Titus says..."while we wait for the happy hope and glorious manifestation of the great God and Savior of us, Christ, Jesus..." Two Saviors? Didn't Jehovah say He was the only Savior? Yet scripture just say that God was our Savior Christ?...Wait..there's more.......

    Now the book of Romans, by Paul, opens many eyes to see the truth of the Holy Spirit....In Romans 10:13, tells us....For everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved." Now hold that tought on everyone and go to 1 John 5:1....."


    believing that Jesus is the Christ has been born from God, and everyone who loves the One that causes to be born loves Him who has been born from that One.."

    So..can can these things be so? Two Saviors? After all Jehovah said Himself that thre is no other God or gods.....Confusing is it not?..Not unless The Christ is the incarnate Jehovah God. That's the only way it can be.

    As for witnesses....Jehovah Said Isreal is the witnesses. Christ said we are His witnesses.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Thanks for that Marvin, we just sent a protest email too.

  • sf

    This is what is stated on the site:

    Tell them what you think and send them a protest email. Click on the link and a sample email will appear, but feel free to modify it as you wish.

    Yet, when I do click it on, no sample email letter appears. Only a prompt window stating it cannot send out mail.

    Please fix this or tell me why I can't get the sample to appear. And/ or PLEASE POST the protest sample letter here in the thread or pm it to me.

    Thx, sKally

  • spider

    It works for me

    I click the link and my outlook express opens.

    The email says:


    I have read on this web site how your literature misrepresents the truth about blood transfusions. You must abandon these misguided policies NOW.

    The address line is [email protected] [email protected]

    the subject line says 'please help'

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