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    IT Support

    Hi Kenneson,

    When I tried to send my e-mail, it asked for a password. Does anyone know what it is?

    No idea. Let's try to work it out, though.

    First, would you mind telling me which email software you use: Outlook (which version?), Outlook Express (which version) or another? (To find the software version, try clicking on Help | About.)

    I'm presuming you were viewing the Send Watchtower a protest email page, and you read the second paragraph, thus:

    The Society must abandon these policies. They do respond to pressure. Tell them what you think and send them a protest email . Click on the link and a sample email will appear, but feel free to modify it as you wish.

    And you clicked on the 'protest email' link. So, what happened immediately afterwards?

    • Were you asked for a password?
    • Did an email page appear on screen?
    • Did you get an error message?
    • Did nothing happen, and you then did something else that caused the password request to appear?
    • Did the email form appear, you modified it as you wished and clicked the Send button, and then the password request appeared?

    Don't worry if you can't remember the exact sequence of events (nobody ever does!): it won't do any harm to go through the process again, but this time note carefully everything that happens.

    (Quick tip: You can try clicking the 'protest email' link in the quote above: it should also work!)

    By the way, happy new year!

  • Kenneson

    Thanks for the response. Its the last suggestion you posted. When I click send it asks for a password.

  • sf

    "Could Your Child Make a Mature Decision?"

    The December 2005 Kingdom Ministry has an article "Could Your Child Make a Mature Decision?" It instructs parents to indoctrinate their kids to refuse blood and make themselves a martyr.


    Contents Blood Campaign

    Watchtower misrepresentation

    Send a protest email

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