Just what was Jesus doing until 1914?

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  • carla

    What do jw's think Jesus was doing until 1914? and if satan is ruling everything now, what is Jesus doing now? (in jw minds) It seems to me they believe the 'gates of hell' have prevailed.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    jw's think jesus is a robot, awaiting his fathers pre-set date, just like they are. probably why they're not that impressed with him.

    jehovah = george h. bush

    jesus = george w. bush

    in the end, they're all still just republicans.


  • Legolas

    Well if he exist's...sitting on his azz doing absolutely nothing while the world suffers!

  • Legolas


  • truth about the last days
    truth about the last days

    This is an easy one. We all admit that at one time that Saten had control over one heaven.(for there are more than one heaven. See Gen 1.) So, when he was thrown down, could we all imagine the destructive influance that he had towards the angelic forces. Today, we see the influance that he has on man to slowly destroy all the God has made. The same effect would of happened in heaven where Saten has been responsable for. We do not know of what damage that Satan has done to the invisable heavens. Since he has been thrown out of heaven, Jesus is therefore repairing the damage that Saten has done. When he has finished most of the invisable repairs, then he will consentrate on the earth. But first, Satan has to be removed from the earth and thrown into the Abyss. See Rev 20 1-3. Of course, Jesus cannot repair everything. That is why it is written "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth" Only Jehovah can do the complete repairwork. Keith

  • mrsjones5
    Jesus is therefore repairing the damage that Saten has done.

    So Jesus is God's handyman?

  • TopHat

    What proof do we have that Satan has been thrown out of Heaven besides the WTS say so?

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    I ask them what has Jesus been doing SINCE 1914! I can't believe that at one time I blindly accepted it as true because we all know WW1 started that same year!

    uuuuhhhhhg....so now I ask them, where exactly IS Jesus. Is He floating around the upper atmosphere invisible to the naked eye sitting and drifting around on His special chair? The Bible even says He will return the same way He left. I guess that also is symbolic.

  • mrsjones5

    How bout that for a special chair?

  • yaddayadda

    Jesus said via illustrations that he would go away and return, that weeds would grow with the wheat until the age of the harvest, the 'conclusion of a system of things'. According to the Watchtower Society that period of absence has been nearly 2000 years because time has needed to pass to fully test the issues raised surrounding the right and rightness of God's universal sovreignty, yadda yadda...

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