Isn't It Eye Opening When You Realize How STUPID This Religion Is?

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  • ringo5

    "I am now beating the sh*t out of myself." -minimus

    you should re-read the articles on self abuse :)

  • Third Eye Open
    Third Eye Open

    I'm in the same boat as Collegegurl I go to all the meetings because that is where some of my family is and all my friends. My eyes where just open to all of this at the beginning of this year and I've been reading everything I possibly can about this organization. Back to the topic I don't know how anybody can just sit there and not have all sorts of question going through their mind. I'm only 21, and yea growing up I didn't give a crap about it I just did what my parents told me to do and believed they were doing what was right, but finally you reach a point where you have to ask yourself: is this for real? Is all this fairy tale crap really true? I just don't understand how people like my parents can be going there for 30 years and hearing the same old bulls$!t over and over again and not have an inner desire to ask any questions. God, I don't know how I'm going to put up with this for another year and a half.

  • SandyU

    Wow, just happened to stumble across this site. Always looking for people who can identify. I think my biggest struggle is the people I cared about, not that they won't talk to me anymore, but that they can't see it. Makes me want to scream. I just wish they could see it for what it is.

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Great comments here. I recently lost my scales as well - kind of like a secular anointing. My head is still spinning. As soon as it stops I'll start experimenting with the "self harm" suggestions.
    Q, I think all the stuff you mention can be found in any secular self help book and is practised/professed by many religions and atheists alike. In fact, they are the very preconditions that drive most, if not any functioning society and economy. To a certain extent, they were also professed to great disadvantage by Mao, Stalin and Hitler. If based on a lie, they become mere hollow phrases in a conditional sales system that sucks you dry. So called "absolute truth" has been used to debase people into almost anything - think of the Holocaust and the Chinese Cultural revolution as extreme examples. So called "truth" also made us act as pawns in game that could in the end not stand up to scrutiny, so we were unable to defend even our benign and positive actions and values of many years after - and only because - the bottom dropped from under the premise. Most of the people who fared well in the WTS system would have done so anyway or maybe even better, in that case having been able to expand their talents and spiritual horizon, furthering their education and career instead of putting their lives on hold to some extent. Yes we were attracted by ideals that many people would be attracted to also - but the premise was indeed a lie that corrupted and violated the very qualities it disseminated. I never met a true bOrg sales man that I liked. But "salt of the earth" indeed seems to have come of it, if you go by the posters in this forum -come OUT of it that is. " Third Eye Open, Welcome to the board and congratulations! Anyone who deprograms on entering his/her twenties should be exempted from the self chastising initiation. I agree with you. How some people can routinely and actively regurgitate the spiritual soup kitchen recipe well into their adulthood is an interesting phenomenon.
    Edited to say: Welcome Sandy!

  • darkuncle29

    What I kick myself over is the fact that I could not free myself of the beliefs myself; a close friend had to be the catalyst. I think that I'm still stunned by that realization, that I was unable or too stuborn to try to explore and grow.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I often sit thinking "how could I let myself be so easily taken in". I doubt I'll ever work that one out, but at least I'm not being duped any more.

  • rekless

    They made loving God so incredible difficult that one looses the very basics of what Jesus taught. It is so much like the scripture says about the Pharasees, they strain out the gnat and swallow the camel, while repeating the same mantra. I remember the night I started to fade, I leaned over to my wife and whispered," My God honey, this is the same talk that Dan Whittenburg gave 30 years ago. We've been going to meeting for 30 years and It has boiled down to changing from new light to old light to new light to old light just in a different package. I probally would still be there if they had maintained new light but the swiyching back and forth stated a doubt in me that said "Jehovah must not know what he is talking about in the first place. He keeps changing his mind...

  • lucifer

    haha its so true, i would just love to see if i could make it through the whole meeting without laughing out loud or sighing in disgust, i would definetly raise my hand to comment

  • wombat

    Qcmbr.........Re: that list of fine qualities that the WTS teaches.

    Can you tell me any religious faith that doesn't teach exactly the same qualities as you listed? There may be some but I can't think of any immediately.

    It is the harmful, destructive teaching of the WTS that sets them apart.

    They delight in splitting family members, they delight in breaking social relationships, they delight in discouraging education.

    They will not contribute to any effort to help their fellow man, unless that person is a JW.

    It is a religion devoid of Love. Think about it. How do the window washers in your congregation's commitee handle a young bloke that was seen having a ciggie. A quiet encouraging chat on the side or do they bring Jehovah's wrath down upon him.

    Have a look at some of the pics taken by the Hubble telescope. Tell me, do you really think that the Creator of this incredible universe would be full of rage if young Brother Billy experimented with a cigarette?

    Sorry.........I am getting carried away. You silly apologists.

    Anyway, when the Jan 15 Watchtower comes out it will make viewing this apostate site a disfellowshipping offence.

    I guess that we won't see you after that. You'll actually have to go and knock on doors to get your hours up.

  • tetrapod.sapien
    Isn't It Eye Opening When You Realize How STUPID This Religion Is?

    why just stop with This one?

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