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  • the devil 666
    the devil 666

    fm and no relg background maybe its something new to her

  • acadian

    Hello All,

    Man, what an entrance, but I geuss when your the Devil you can do just about anything, Welcome !

    I've read your other posts and I understand why you are so upset, you have good reason to be.

    But as others have already said most of us are Ex-dub's, and we really what to help if you let us.

    ignat said: If you crash in to her religion the way you came on here, they will advise her to cut you out of her life completely. Why do you think she was attracted to the Witnesses in the first place? That will be the key to getting her out.

    Be real careful how you aproach her, consider the reasons why she wants to be a JW, ask non-confrontational questions that will get her to reason on what she is being taught, always be kind to her, and open to listen to her, don't close the door between the two of you.

    If you have questions about the WTS , this is a good place to get answers.

    Again Welcome...

    Kind Regards


  • jeanniebeanz

    How much do you know about cult tactics, Devildude? It would be a very good idea to research the subject so that you know what you are up against here. Also, find out as much as you can about your new enemy, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

    Can't beat someone at their own game without a lot of inside info.


  • jgnat

    Yes, I bet that's it. She's attracted to something different than she's experienced in the past. All children rebel and break away to establish their independence. Some get tattoes. Others find religion. She'll be getting lots of positive attention from her new friends for "standing firm" in the wake of "satan's attacks".

    You know what might be the fastest way to break her out, if you can swallow your temper, shave closely, invest some major time in the next six months, grinning like a drooling fool? Ask if you can tag along. Now, don't accept a separate bible study, ask to participate in your daughter's experience. Under the pretext of getting to know her better. I guarantee you will deflate all the rebellion out of the experience, and her study leader will not be able to paint you as the devil.

    Ask to tag along at one of her book studies. Instead of answering the scripted questions, ask questions of your own, from the material they are presenting. Lots of questions. Always politely. Jehovah's Witnesses are disarmed by polite people. Check back with us later and we'll tell you what the study leader is lying about. Then next week call the study leader on it.

    Go along to the Sunday service. Nothing scary goes on there, and nobody is going to drag you off to a back room to brainwash you. What you will see is that the meetings are incredibly BORING. The same magazine that has been studied all week will be reviewed AGAIN. People will be putting up their hand to comment. Feel free to yawn liberally. Feel free to put up your hand and ask your own questions. Again, you will have deflated the EXOTIC aspect of your daughter's participation.

    There are lots of myths about the Jehovah's Witnesses. THEY DO drink alcohol like normal folks and THEY DON'T eat their young. But there's enough bad out there to do them in, if your daughter's study leader can admit to it. Like lately, they are strongly discouraging young adults from taking a college degree. A technical college is supposed to be good enough. Why on earth would this religious organization be discouraging their youth from reaching their full potential in life as well as in their religion?

  • DavidChristopher

    butting heads, result in headaches. Seek and destroy works much better. Is "seeking" and "arguing" the same thing? Sounds like you need a bible study with you r daughter and her "teacher". Armed only with the truth...." and destroy....." Metallica

    Find the truth, go attack the lie.

  • Legolas

    Yes, you got to understand that they have pounded in her head by now that she WILL meet opposition from her family but that she will gain a BIGGER family this is only one paragraph that she would have stuided..

    It is not realistic to weigh the costs without considering the benefits of serving Jehovah. For instance, consider the matter of family opposition. Jesus promised that even if his disciples lost their relatives because of following him, they would gain a larger spiritual family. (Mark 10:29, 30) These fellow believers will show you brotherly love, help you to endure persecution, and support you on the road to life. (1 Peter 5:9) Especially can the congregation elders help you to cope with problems and to meet other challenges successfully. (James 5:14-16) As to losing favor in this world, you may well ask yourself, ‘What can possibly compare to having the approval of the Creator of the universe, causing him to rejoice over my chosen life course?’—Proverbs 27:11.

    I will be back soon I have to take my dog to the groomers..LOL!

  • wanderlustguy

    My advise for right now is to perhaps get involved to a degree yourself, it will drop her defenses and open her mind to you a little more. You'll have to be careful because if you express doubt outright, it will trigger a defense mechanism they already have programmed into her mind. You have to love bomb just like they do, spend time with her more, and "gulp" perhaps even study with her. Especially 1-1 you can bring up questions to her.

    People here can give you the questions the Organization can't answer, then you can use them when the time is right. There is always someone here with info handy. If she is smart, you can show her what is really going on, but she will need massive emotional support. They have already surrounded her with people who say they love her and want to see her live forever...that is what you are up against.

    One word of caution... if you do what you need to, you may well find yourself with more company than you want, or even could possibly get sucked in yourself. They start out with baby steps, and eventually work themselves between you and any naysayer, much like what you see now with your daughter. Just be careful also not to blow up or let on your true motive, or she will become a wall and you won't understand why or how to get past it. Once that mechanism is triggered, it's almost impossible to get around.

    Good luck.


  • Sunspot
    Yes, you got to understand that they have pounded in her head by now that she WILL meet opposition from her family but that she will gain a BIGGER family this is only one paragraph that she would have stuided..

    SO true! This is one of the first things the JWs teach---that the family and close friends of the recruit WILL be told that they are making a big mistake, that the Watchtower is full of crackpots, and that they have very weird beliefs, including not celebrating holidays. The recruits are told that having "friendship" with ANY nonJWs is harmful to them (cuz God said so ) and that their NEW JW friends will "be there" for them for love and support.

    The WTS is very careful to do EVERYTHING THEY CAN to hang on to the new one they are trying to convert.....and unfortunately these tactics have been used successfully for as long as I can remember. I only wish that I had a place like this to come to before I was baptized.

    I think the advice to become part of her "studies" and ask the questions that maybe she hadn't thought of a great idea! You would be showing her that you are "interested" in what she's learning as you gain some insight into what she is being fed by them.

    You must remember that all she hears, reads and is being taught now, is told that it "comes from God himself" so it is pretty hard to argue otherwise if she truly believes that. Keep reading the "Best Of" series on here and seeing what other exJWs have to share in the other posts too, it will provide you with LOTS of things you can ask them AND her about what the JWs teach and believe!

    Wishing you the best outcome,


  • AlmostAtheist
    i have never had anything to do with jw but my daughter has joined the brainwashing arseholes

    Wow, I'm so sorry. Your earlier posts made so much sense when I got to this one. No wonder you're angry and beside yourself. And you should be.

    Firstly, welcome to the forum. If there's any place on the planet better for you to be to assist your daughter, I can't imagine where it would be.

    You're very right to be concerned for your daughter, but don't let that concern get you labelled as an "opposer". You don't want to sit back and let them take her, but you can't present yourself as her enemy. The very first thing they explain to new converts is that your friends and family will likely try to talk you out of joining them. That, they say, is PROOF THAT THEY ARE RIGHT. Eek. So by resisting, you are fulfilling prophecy. Be very careful, since once you are an "opposer", you've pretty lost your chance to communicate with her. (When I became a JW at 17, my grandfather tried hard to get me out. I really turned against him, and he died while we were still estranged.)

    Again, welcome. Sorry for the rocky start, but I can assure you that you are VERY welcome here and invited to gather all the info you can to help your daughter.


  • Cordelia

    that was a great entrance devil!

    id tell your daughter youve been speaking to someone who used to be a witness and then just bring down some of what she believes try the un,( dont say its a website, they have a great answer for that one!)

    legolas i know your a girl but you always look really sexy to me

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