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  • Hellrider
    my daughter has joined the brainwashing arseholes and keeps trying to ram all the crap she reads down my throat telling me this and telling me that telling me she dont want blood she would rather die what kind of people tell other pople this kind of stuff .it freakes me out ad telling me the ends very near wow im sorry if i have offended anyone but they sould keep it to themselfes

    Ouch, I`m so sorry to hear that, devil. Most of the people on this board are ex-witnesses, and detest that cult as much as you do. Stick around, there`s a lot to learn here. Maybe you can learn enough to pull your daughter out of their claws before she is completely brainwashed. Read the threads here, ask any question you like, learn about her newfound religion, and all of its lies, half-truths and weaknesses. Educate yourself on the issue, so you can teach her why her religion is WRONG!

  • Benjamin Belial
    Benjamin Belial

    He sent me a PM saying "is that the best you can do?"

  • the devil 666
  • Satanus

    Seeing ones daughter get sucked into a cult would piss anybody off. Devil, you have come to the right place for help in getting her out of there. This site has a lot of info on the religion, and also some ways that work to free people from it. You need to learn about your enemy; what it believes, its tactics, its history, what to expect. Lots of people here are ready to help you do that.


  • wanderlustguy

    If you want to help her, get to reading, if you don't care about her, just don't do anything, they'll get her out of your life in no time at all. Even better, keep telling her she's wrong and the next time you two will be together will be for your funeral...if she even comes then. Read all you can and ask questions, these people can help you and your daughter.

    Your bitterness is shared by many here, the only difference is we got out of the organization and some have been able to bring more with them.

    Good luck.

  • FadingAway

    devil 666, I apolgize for my previous post, I did not know your situation.

    I'm still a JW, but am fading. My parents who are not JWs, were always there for me and helped me understand what unconditional love is. Trust me, it is not found with JWs. Continue to be a loving father to her and hopefully she will see the error in her ways. I would caution you about taking a hard line with her by telling her she is wrong, JWs view that family persecution is fulfilling what Jesus said, that they would be hated because Jesus was hated. That fuels them into believing they are doing the right thing. Just reassure your love to her and that there is always a place in your heart for her, that will increase your chances of getting her back.

  • under74

    devil--really, start reading on "the best of" section here. You'll see a lot of people here are or were in your position. Just learn as much as possible and possibly learn from others here on how to speak with your daughter or rather "plant a seed of doubt" in her. But no matter what let her know you're going to be there for her (even if that's hard for you)....I say this because there may be some time where the JWs disappear during her time of need and this may be the one time you can step in.

    Is your daughter baptized?

  • the devil 666
    the devil 666

    no not yet next year i think she told me

  • under74

    well, it's good to know she hasn't taken that step yet but at the same time up until a person is baptized (from what I've seen) they are "love bombed" meaning they are pretty much made to feel like they have a new family and they are secure.

    Like I and others have said, it's best to read and learn as much as possible on the JWs and how to approach this with your daughter. And again, let her know your love and support for her is unconditional. I say this because the JWs don't have the concept of unconditional love.

  • the devil 666
    the devil 666

    what happens when shes bapt

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