Is the Watchtower Society strong enough to win this war with the internet?

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  • wombat

    Hey about using pragraphs (as Ozzie calls them) so I can read your post. It looks like a 'phone directory. I know that it's a good post but I just keep losing my place. Please, one thought, one para so I can sit and mull on what you said without losing my place.

    I'm old (60) and recall reading in Time, very many years ago,how the introduction of telephony bought down dictatorships in Europe. Communication is the worst enemy of dictators, whether political or religious. The masses cannot be controlled.

    "Nuff said...........(And all of you, start using paragraphs so I can easily read your words of wisdom).

  • wombat

    Holy Dooley.........I just saw JT's post.............I didn't mean that many pragraphs.

  • trevor

    I mentoioned that quotes ahd reappeared under a different web address. Here it is:

  • trevor

    Have just see the thread called My website:

    It gives details of the site I have posted above

  • DannyHaszard

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  • Sunnygal41
    It is a NEW world, and some people/corporations/organizations cannot seem to deal with it.

    Daniel-P, this statement, imho, is prophetic. The world is changing in ways none of fully understand. But, I think that it will be for the good of all who love freedom and peace and the ability to live in those conditions. Terri

  • NewLight2

    Hey wambat,

    fairchild's mouse is broken, so she probably can't check the little cr/lf box to make the paragraphs.


  • metatron

    The Watchtower winning? Let's look at the overall situation:

    The voluntary donation arrangement was a disaster

    They lost food service at assemblies because contributions were a disaster

    They gave up subscriptions ( a 120 year tradition) to save money

    They gave up producing most hard bound books to save money

    The Awake has seen a major cut back to less printing, less languages and fewer issues per year

    They have been slamed in the international press for covering up child molestation ( directly because of the internet)

    They downsized Bethel by about 900 - 1000 and shut down much of Brooklyn printing.

    Their growth is mostly gone, outside of poor third world countries.

    Meeting attendance is sliding downward in developed nations - that provide most of the cash flow.

    As for the internet, aside from a few copyright attacks, they've left the field defeated. Apologists like "You Know"

    and "Friend" have abandoned the defense.

    All we have to do is keep up the pressure and keep chipping away. As a centralized power, they are at a disadvantage

    from the relentless assaults by cyberguerrillas. You should hear some of the private comments by Bethelites about

    how the organization is being hounded and watched by apostates, looking for an opportunity to attack!

    Never doubt, we are winning this war.


  • blondie

    Didn't Friend die?

  • Axelspeed

    No, they seemingly do not understand it yet, much less have the ability to defeat it. Unless they already know its a losing battle and are simply trying to hang on.

    I could possibly see that the more technical savvy (lawyers and financial people) already know this and are simply doing what they are told by those who are not so internet savvy but who are the powerbrokers and doctrine enforcers, and have the power. Being that this is and has been their life, they simply play out the string...perhaps just hoping to get an education, live well and safe on the WT's dime in the meantime, and then leave ultimately for other pastures in the future if necessary. Obviously this is only speculation.

    Back to the question though - the internet is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and the changes so far are only the beginning. For though who are kids now, you simply will not be able to function well without the internet. Yes people have gotten by without college. It will be much much more difficult without the internet. It will simply become a way of life.

    People research everything now. Before we step, we look...on the internet. Those looking to join the WT will be no different. Kids of jws will search the moment they log on.

    They are showing that their achilles heel is the internet. If it wasn't, every piece of nonprofit, lifesaving, and inspired literature they have should be online.

    This is not the Dark Ages when information found in books had to be tediously written or printed on presses that were difficult to move or hide, and then when found could simply be burned. This is digital information that once on the web, can be simutaneously downloaded and saved.

    Even we are still learning...once a new quote site goes up, we zip it and save it. You can't burn digital information, much less stop it.

    Most corporations have already seen this and reacted accordingly for their own survival. The problem for the WT is there past. They refuse to acknowledge past mistakes openly, ...cut their losses and move forward. They simply do not have it within themselves to do this. Nor do they have anyone with the charisma and clout to take the reins and do what needs to be done.

    When the WT failed to embrace the internet, they lost.


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