Is the Watchtower Society strong enough to win this war with the internet?

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    IMO, the Internet is a good start, a foot in the door, so to speak. Aside from that, there are books, which, constitutionally they can't touch. I found that I can do my part by word of mouth. I talk to my friends at work about my experiences and about all the stuff I've been finding out. In my own little way, I'm making sure that the ppl I know care about do not fall into the trap. And also, if somebody they know mentiions the dubs, then this or that friend of mine can say: "Oh I have a friend who left them because of this and that.

    I might not be actively getting ppl out of the bOrg (for now) but at least I can contribute by keeping new ppl from coming in.

    So I don't think the Watchtower will win this war. They may win a few battles, but not the war. We have to keep standing up and for every website that falls, we should try to have four new ones take their place.

  • sf

    Win? I don't see how. Not in the long run. And trust me, we will be here, in cyberspace as long as it takes. And even long after that. Reseaching, discovering, uncovering and exposing this organizations corruption, deception and deadly policies.

    We seriously aren't going to be intimidated by the likes of Ted Jaracz and his minions. At least I won't be.

    to publicly state while in a group of jw that they were up on the net doing some research on so and so about the bible will never happened

    Interestingly enough, while back in the days of yahoo jw chatrooms and, it was very difficult to actually get any jw to go to the wt's site and bring back some of the fine spiritual food and paste it. I HAD TO DO IT! LOL! It pissed them off too. I made sure the room that had a consistent flow of lurkers and seekers, knew WHY the jws didn't and weren't serving up food in due season.

    The average householder in the field misery work does not see what is on the wt site. Not so for the average cyberhouseholder. On the net, "apostates" are right there, all through cyberspace, to let that householder become very aware of the other side of the well-oiled machine. A householder off the net does not have this advantage.

    This thread reminds of Don Henleys song that states: I will not lie down, I will not backdown, I will not go quitely...

    As long as I am on the net, I will be actively making aware the truth, about this organization.


  • Outlawed

    Maybe they could proclaim new light and label Internet as some Wild Beast or the new King of the North or something.


  • jack w
    jack w know what? After reading your posts I am starting to feel a little better about all this.

    Thank you all for that, and I too will do everything in MY power to keep the hope alive. And contribute all I can to ensure that oppressive, evil, organizations such as the Watchtower, are not able to destroy real 'TRUTH'!


  • JT

    If it wasn't, every piece of nonprofit, lifesaving, and inspired literature they have should be online.


    BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the wt would upload the latest mag all the time

  • JT

    Holy Dooley.........I just saw JT's post.............I didn't mean that many pragraphs


    sorry about that

  • Oroborus21


    It is too early to say that the Society has "declared war" and plans on engaging all forms of Internet speech that is critical of it in litigative battles ala Scientology.

    So far all we have is the stern warning to its members to stay off the Internet when it comes to JWism and the one lawsuit against Quotes. At this point Quotes remains unique, and there were a few critical errors that he committed with that project that opened him up to a lawsuit based on copyright infringement.

    If the Society does begin to engage other websites for the sake of trying to squash criticism it will be a futile effort as we all know and any single victories would be pyrrhic at best.

    -Eduardo Leaton Jr., Esq.

  • JT

    At this point Quotes remains unique, and there were a few critical errors that he committed with that project that opened him up to a lawsuit based on copyright infringement.


    good point, whatever was done wrong on the Quotes site will be learned from and improved- for each site that the wt takes down the next one will be harder and harder, for each site will learn from the previous, all the while continuing to provide folks with "delightful words of truths" directly from the wt publications

  • Mary
    They gave up subscriptions ( a 120 year tradition) to save money

    Holy crap! I didn't know this! So no one can get a subscription anymore? That's rather bizarre eh? And can someone please enlighten me: were they successful in shutting down Quotes??

  • zeroday

    They did shut down but mirror sites are popping up all over the web.

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