A Morbid Question: Who Could Die That Would Crush You???

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  • JH
    including a pet.

    I remember back in 1993, I had to put my cat to sleep because of illness, and I was "crushed" like you say for a long long long time......

    Not having many friends my pet was like a real person

  • delilah
    It would most definitely be any one of my 3 children, and my little grandchild. It would really break my heart.....of course , the passing of my husband would be as devastating, but something about losing your child, is just...well, it would almost kill me. Maybe it's because as a mother, you carried each child within your own body, and nurtured it for almost 10 months. They are really a part of you.
  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    My Fiance, Val

    My best pal, Jake (or any of my close friends, for that matter.)

    My dog, Ronin.

    I've lost my mom and my sister both to cancer. My aunt killed herself by lighting herself on fire. I only have one grandparent left. I've more friends than I care to remember who have committed suicide or left this world by other causes. The loss of anyone you care about will crush you. I don't feel that it is possible to become calloused to this either. Every death for me has been as hard as the others.

  • fairchild

    John Doe, fairchild:

    ride with me....

    All right gozz, where are we goin' and who's drivin'?

  • Ticker

    Children most certainly followed by spouse and family.


  • oldflame

    Oh yes my cats too. I have one cat that is 13, I figure within the next 5 years that day will come and I don't think I will handle that too well either. She is my best friend, my pal and my buddy. She never talks back and only has an unconditional love for me as I have forher too, which is more than I can say for some of my family........

  • stevenyc

    min, your right mate, this is a morbid question.


  • aarque

    My dad passed away in May. It was the most devastating experience I've ever had. I was diagnosed with cancer in Feb. and was undergoing radiation treatments when I was called home to MA because Dad was in the hospital on a ventilator. I put my treatments on hold and when I got there, he seemed to be holding his own, but after several days he began to slip away slowly. We finally had the vent disconnected when we were told that he had a mass on his liver and that he was in total organ failure. We were with him right up to the end. An autopsy was done because the doctors really didn't know what had happened to him. They found cancer everywhere...couldn't even tell where it originated. None of us knew. It's extremely difficult to be fighting a disease and have someone close die from it.

  • rwagoner

    No question...My wife and kids. I am a total sap when it comes to my family.

  • FlyingHighNow

    aarque, how tragic for you. How are you doing now?

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