A Morbid Question: Who Could Die That Would Crush You???

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  • Purza

    My husband. He is on a trip right now and I am hoping for his safe return as he has to drive 800+ miles to get home. I worry about stuff like that.


  • oldflame

    Yes my kids too, I have two sons that are my pride and joy. I might also add my very best friend here Gumby.............................

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    There are so many people in my life I would be crushed to lose. All my children, their loved ones, grandchildren, dear hubby, mom, sister, MIL's, FIL's, friends....there are only, is only maybe one person that would not bother me to die. He is evil and never was sorry for what he did.

    John I did that for several years while I rested my weary head and heart. The beautiful world will be waiting for you when you decide to come back. I did. Love~Kate

  • daniel-p

    jeez, how depressing can this get??....

    not a very upbuilding topic....

  • Undecided


    Ken P.

  • fairchild

    Minimus, my answer might be as morbid as your question is.

    I am with John Doe, I have become very, very isolated over the past decade, and I am not really close to anyone at all anymore. I don't know my family. But if my cat would die (I told you this was morbid) I know for a fact that it would crush me. She has been my loyal companion for the past 8 years. We sleep together, we eat together, we go for walks together, we play together..

    I was engaged once and my fiancee died in a car accident just a few months before our wedding. Not only did it crush me, it changed my whole life. It has been 24 years now, and I still think of him often and wonder how things would have been, had he not died.

  • Forscher

    No question about it, my wife.

  • calico

    My son--I dreamed of him my whole childhood!

  • chappy

    A majority mentioned their child/children. According to the mental health pro's, the death of a child is by far the most stressfull loss a person must endure, greater than even the spouse. I have just one child, my 32 year old son and just the thought of losing him is unbearable. We're all gonna die, but it should be our children burying us, not the other way around.


  • MsMcDucket

    My kids and grandchild or my husband. This shunning thing by the twins has almost been like a death. I could understand them getting married and going off or going to college...something like that...but for them to think that I'm demonized. It's awful. For them to not even trust me. I'm just floored.

    Sometimes, I find myself calling my other daughters by their names. When I go grocery shopping, I have to remember that I don't have to buy their special foods... I guess it's a part of the grief process.

    It's hard.

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