Made money with a ATM machine

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  • JH

    In our ATM machines, we can only get 20 dollar bills out of them, so today I went to get 60$ out of the ATM machine and to my surprise came out a 50$ and two 20's. . So instead of getting 60$ like I asked, I got 90$ out of the ATM machine.

    There isn't supposed to be 50$ bills in that machine. I guess that the one who filled it up with 20's, accidentally put a 50$ in.

    Then I came back home and went online to see what I withdrew, and it was written 60$, just like I asked.

    There is no way they can find out now.

  • Apostanator

    Merry Christmas !!!

  • Sirona

    Actually, I work in a bank and they will find out.

    The thing is, they'll find out that their money didn't balance...

    Say, for instance, someone put lots of 50's into an ATM accidentally and it was giving out 50's instead of 20's, what would happen is that the bank's reserve account wouldn't balance (and would be in deficit) and they'd figure out that they'd made the mistake, but there wouldn't be many ways of knowing who withdrew the cash UNLESS they knew how many 50's and how many transactions. In that case, you'll be getting a phone call. An error of a small amount is reportable to the area manager and is investigated thoroughly.

    Needless to say, someone will be in deep shit.


  • JH

    They will notice that something doesn't balance off.

    But how can they know who got a 50$ instead of a 20$. First of all, there shouldn't be any 50's in the machine. First of all, they will think that an employee kept some money.

    Then, if they trust the employee, and try to figure out who got a 50$ instead of a 20$, since they will be 30$ in the hole, they don't know where the 50$ was in the whole stack of 20's in that machine.

    I'm sure that there is about 10,000$ per ATM machine all in 20's.

    When an employee fills a machine with 500 20's lets say, and if a 50$ was put in accidentally somewhere in one of the 500 slots where a 20$ should be, they have no clue in where it was placed in that stack of they don't know who got the 50$. If they knew in what position the 50$ was in, then they could find out, but since there isn't supposed to be other than 50's in that machine, they have no clue where it was, in the middle, at the beggining, or at the end of the stack of 20's.....

    If they would have given me lets say one extra 20$, then the person after me would have had 20$ less, then they would have found out who got more.

    I think I got away with a perfect crime.

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Sorry me banks have so many checks and balances it's mind boggling. If you've thought of a way to cheat the bank, they've thought of a way to counter it. Something this low level will be figured out.

    Just make sure to keep enough money in your account so if they debit the account you don't go negative by accident and start bouncing checks.

  • DaCheech

    If you counted the money in front of the ATM, the camera will see your $$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Gretchen956

    JH, I too worked at banks and worked on the ATM machine. I know for a fact that they will figure out that someone put 50 bills in there and then its a simple matter of pulling the record of everyone that withdrew. Next thing you know they will deduct it from your account. If you spent it you may incur overdraft fees. They'll be entirely within their rights. Plus the camera, as someone else mentioned, will prove that you not only got the money, but did the happy dance when you thought you scored!


  • JH

    I did the happy dance....

  • kls

    Bye bye Rat

  • JH

    Well, I asked for 3 bills and got 3 bills

    I went online and saw that I asked for 60$ and it's written 60$ withdrew.

    So, if 100 people used that machine, before they refilled it. They can only assume one of the 100 people using it got 30$ more.

    AS for the cameras, they don't go into the hole where you get the money. And the money is pilled one bill over the other, so they can't see if there was a fifty when it's between 2 twenties.

    And there is 3 ATM machines where I went, one next to each other, so that makes many possibilities of where the 50$ was, in which machine.....

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