Made money with a ATM machine

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  • JH

    OH no KLS..........

  • lonelysheep
    I did the happy dance....

    Lol! They're gonna get you!

    Make sure you've got the funds to cover it.

  • DaCheech

    When I was a 17, I deposited $300 in those old book accounts. I did not look at the book when I left the Bank. NExt week I tried to do a deposit, and they took my book and told me to get it later in the week.

    Well, they inadvertently Doubled my money! it took them almost a week, but they figured it all out, and they figured exactly what I deposited!

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One are assuming they didn't load the machine with an entire "stack" of $50's.

    I highly doubt there was a random $50 floating in a stack of $20's given the counting and sorting technology of today. But maybe. More likely is that alot of folks got more $$ than they planned on, and the bank will retrace the debit/credit imbalance and figure it out in the next day or two.

  • JH

    I'll let you guys know what happened in the next few days

    First of all, that bank was closed Saturday, Sunday, today Monday, and tomorrow tuesday..... Just the ATM machines are operating. Surely someone has to fill them up during these 4 days that the bank is closed because they would be empty by now.

    Even if they do find out, they'll spend way more than 30$ in time and salaries to retrace this.

    I'll let you guys know

  • horrible life
    horrible life
    I did the happy dance....

    I think you were home free, but you blew it with your happy dance. If only I could see your happy dance to make 100% sure. If it involved waving of arms, with money in hand, you might be up a creek.

    If you waved the money in front of the camera, you may be in big trouble.

    If you waved the money and mouthed "Screw you bank!!!" Expect a knock on the door.


    If you are always overdrawn, you went to the machine with crossed fingers, you had money in your account, and It just looked like you were really happy you got money, I think you are home free.

    Could you please describe your so called "dance"? or better yet, video it and post it on the internet.

  • greendawn

    I never had such an experience but the opposite when the bank deducted twice for a £300 payment I made. Of course they reimbursed.

    This story goes to show that in the human world mistakes will always be made even in ATMs, it's human error. Better check your statements to make sure there was no error against you.

  • daniel-p

    Am I the only person here who still values honesty?

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    What probably happened is a teller sold money (20's') to the vault and the vault sold it to the ATM . He or she probably put a 50 in with their 20's in error and their drawer will probably show up short $30. today when the main vault balances her work. Really hard to trace but they could put 2 and 2 together if she remembered selling money to the ATM. The ATM won't show a shortage because it goes by bill counts not dollar amounts. It could have been a $1.00 bill and still balanced. You would have called then wouldn't you...

    A lot of times on a busy weekend the vault runs short and buys money from the tellers if they have the extra.Then the vault would resell it to other tellers or to the ATM if it needs filling. If the armoured car (with cash shipment) doesn't come till later in the day they get desperate to fill the ATM's.

    If they had filled it with 50's instead of 20's you would have got more than one.

    The other option is if a outside firm handles the ATM's..they will eat the loss.

    They will probably just write it off. Having been such a busy weekend they won't want to take the time to look at every withdrawl over the holiday weekend. They would be there forever making phone calls and asking "Did you get too much money?"

    Snoozy...Former Bank worker.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    You reminded me of when Hubby and I used to go on a gambling boat and he said the ATM was his favorite slot machine because he always won on it!


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