Made money with a ATM machine

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  • JH
    Could you please describe your so called "dance"? or better yet, video it and post it on the internet.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I don't think they will be calling you!..

    You know us bank workers used to watch those tapes when we were bored?


  • Poztate
    Even if they do find out, they'll spend way more than 30$ in time and salaries to retrace this.

    I'll let you guys know

    There was a $50.. in with my withdrawl money you say.. I never noticed. I thought banks never made stupid mistakes like that.

    Boy...wait till the newspapers and T.V hear about this. What a bunch of idiots you are.
    Errrr...That's O.K. Just keep the money.Think of it as the banks Christmas present to you...Shhh
  • willyloman

    Here's a thought: Call the bank tomorrow and tell them about it and ask them what to do.

    You won't be out anything -- you'll still have your $60. And you'll feel good about it.

    Then sit back and wait for something good to happen. What goes around, comes around.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    You are dead meat, man. That is just way too happy.

    I don't think they will be calling you!..

    Yeah they will, they got your number! I'll call you when you get out. Hope you look good in horizonal stripes.

  • JH
    What goes around, comes around.

    Yeah, I helped my dad today around the house, and then this happened....

  • JH
    Hope you look good in horizonal stripes.

  • fairchild

    Actually, I am with Daniel P and Willyoman on this one. Honesty is a nice feature.

    Last year, I got overpaid three times in a row at work. Somehow they had put me in the wrong pay rate and three times in a row my pay was about $50 more than it should have been. Each time I gave the money back. The first two times the boss thanked me for being honest and apologized for the mistake. The third time, the boss saw me approaching with money in my hand, the day after payday. He asked me if he had messed up again and I said yes. He asked me how much, I said $50, like last week and the week before. Then he said he wanted me to keep it, because it was his mistake and if I kept it, it would urge him to finally adjust my pay rate. So on week number 4, I got overpaid again, this time by about $25. Once again I went to the boss with the money. This time he said I was not overpaid, he had given me a raise. The reason for the raise? He said he liked "honest" workers and they deserve to be paid well.

  • JH

    I remember a MS cleaning in a bank at night telling me that if he found money on the floor while cleaning, that he would keep it until somoene would say that they lost a specific amount of money. This surprised me, coming from a MS.

    When I told this to my mom, she said that twice she was jipped 20 and 40 bucks at the ATM, and when she told the employee at the bank, they said that they would investigate and nothing my mom said, keep the money, now we are even...

  • CountryGuy

    This happened at a local bank a couple of years ago. The bank knew exactly who withdrew money and how much they were "over paid" on the transaction. (They had loaded 20's in the 10's slot. So, every record of a ten being given to a customer, they knew it was really a 20.) They contacted the customers and asked for the money back, when they didn't comply, they debited their account. Some of the customers complained to one of the local news stations and the bank did a very detailed spin (they have nothing on the WTS) on the situation and wound up getting tons of free, positive, publicity over it.


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