To our JW friends, are we too spiritual minded for wife-swapping?

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  • blondie

    Why is it called wife-swapping, like women are pieces of property? Why not husband-swapping (Last nights Wife Swap show was husband swapping).


  • mkr32208
    and they don't nag me to take out the garbage

    Mine do...

    • You have unused icon's on your desktop would you like to take care of that?
    • You have updates waiting, hey, can you hear me?
    • I need you to run a virus scan... You haven't done it in a week! God your so f*cking lazy all you have to do is click the icon!
    • The printer is out of toner... I've been telling you for WEEKS it was low! That's it, I've had it! Put me back in the box and send me back to my Mom! Jerk...
  • RubaDub


    I also agree. It really should be called husband swapping. I think when couples get together, it is the women that tend to "take the lead" in that respect.

    At least in our experience (as noted on my post above), it tended to be the women that "suggested" the jacuzzi thing (the guys would be watching football or something).

    Then it was always interesting to see who sat next to who !

    Rub a Dub

  • skyman

    A friend of my wife and I that we grew up with this girl used to have a big crush on me. She used to be and is still is good looking. We did alot of things together and I considered her like a sister all ways knowing how she felt. I'll get to the story. We went for a visit for a week to her and her husbands place. They found out that we had all but quit going to the mettings everthing turned surreal and conversations turned to the THE DARK SIDE. My wife and I could not believe what they were telling us. They were telling us about Elders and Ministreal Servants swapping wives and most of the couples they were talking are people we thought were real good JW's. One Elder had just gave the main talk at the Assembly the week earlier. We left and went home and we talked alot about what they told us and did not know what to believe it was like a show of the wilight Zone. About three months later we went back for a another vist and during this visit they asked us if we would swap with them and named some of the couple that they has swapped with. They were serious and thought we would go along with it. To say the least we left and to add salt to our disbelief they started spreading Lies about us saying we were telling them apostate ideas and told others that we are no longer welcome at thier home becasue we are a bad influence on them.

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