Today at the KH, Hopefully opens my wifes' eyes

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  • PoppyR

    And I have to add, I'm not precious about my children, I expect good standards of behaviour, and am commended often when we go places how good they are..

    But I also realise children are children. My brother used to tut and shake his head when one of mine was tired etc and cranky.. Now they have a baby.. oh joy. They have said to me so many times how they had no idea, and I'm sorry, you just cant understand it untl you've done it. These precious things, why must we stifle every little thing, even a snore!! Why not just enjoy them, they are young such a short time, and before you know it they have to sit through those two hour meetings and not allowed to nod off!!.. well not til they're 80!


  • Confession

    The people who complained to elders about distracting youngsters were, in my congregation, primarily females who had been mothers. There was one black sister in her late 60s who'd brought up five children. She was the first to give the annoyed look when a disturbance lasted a long time. She was also very complimentary of parents who were diligent about such things.

    There was also a middle-aged German sister who'd get peeved. Sometimes she'd march over to the parent with her arms out, almost ordering them to hand over the child. (Whoa!) Much of the time, though, she'd glare at the elders and point in their direction.

    Sometimes it was young mothers who tried to keep their kids in line--and who seemed to resent it when others didn't. They wouldn't usually walk up to an elder's chair during the meeting, but they would sometimes wait in the back for one to walk by--or bring it up some other time when they wouldn't be found as the complainer.

    By the way, I just wanted to mention that, to me, children were not my pet peeve when it came to disturbances. I was completely annoyed by adults who would speak out loud. There was one elder on the body who used to do this. Whenever he'd speak to his wife--or to anyone else--he'd just say it out loud as if no meeting was even going on. Eventually I asked him if he knew how loud he was during the meetings. I swear, whenever he'd talk, the entire congregation would turn in his direction as if to say, "WTF??!"

    I can think of at least five or six adults over the years who were completely whisper challenged.

  • PoppyR

    On a lighter note, one of my favourite KH disturbances were two elderly sisters, both with furry hats, one with a hearing aid that used to whistle. When one didn't catch what was being said (quite regularly!) she'd whisper (that was how it must have sounded in her head, but it was shouting!) to her friend "WHAT DID HE SAY ETHEL?" And the other one would whisper back "I DONT KNOW VERA, I WISH THESE YOUNG UNS WOULD SPEAK UP"

    Hilarious, sometimes their conversations would make me cry I was laughing so much. Vera would regularly fart in the prayer too, and my little boys would be shaking with the giggles and I would try to dissaprove but couldn't, I mean it was the funniest thing ever!


  • Confession
    "WHAT DID HE SAY ETHEL?" And the other one would whisper back "I DONT KNOW VERA, I WISH THESE YOUNG UNS WOULD SPEAK UP"... Vera would regularly fart in the prayer too, and my little boys would be shaking with the giggles and I would try to dissaprove but couldn't, I mean it was the funniest thing ever!

    LMAO! Reminds me of an elderly couple when I was very young. They used to talk really loud too. The sister used to always play the piano, and she resented the phonograph when they started to use it for the song. Once, when the song skipped and got cut off, there was a period of stark silence. Then we all heard her say loudly...

    "Sometimes you can't trust them electronical things, can ya??! No, sir!"
  • fahrvegnugen

    Holy Cow!!! I opened this thread just now and was nearly drowned in a rampaging flood of estrogen!

    Whether you believe in keeping things quiet or letting the babies snore away at full volume--the point is that to single out issues like this as "evidence" that JWs are unloving or hate kids is just plain silly. Any church, organization or social gathering is going to have some methods for keeping order that are bound to piss off a certain percentage of the attendees. If you can manage to piss off less than 50% of them--I call it a success!

    That being said, I can think of at least one congregation that was so uptight and anal about these sorts of things that it was no fun being there.

    Disclosure: I have no kids. (I'm also half-Dalek).

  • Spectrum

    "sorry it has to be said.. you really dont have children do ya!! Sorry, until you know what you're talking about.. you dont know what you're talking about."
    But seriously Poppy you don't have to have children to know that they'll disturb you if they are noisy when someone is talking and you wish to concentrate. That's just reality. How can I possibly not know what I'm talking about if I'm directly affect by a silly parent that would rather disturb dozens of people than sort out his/her child with a simple nudge and a stern talking to if they are being really naughty?
    THis is what I was talking about - parents getting too precious about their little angels.
    Of course a child's innocence is precious, a loving smile returned their young sense of humour and cuteness.


  • zagor

    Oh man, that brings so many memories and all of them are the same.

    How many times was there a child crying or snoring or whatever and those angry, furious faces that would be almost capable to shut that child with their very eyes. It is chilling to remember these things. Nazi Germany had motto "deutschland uber alles" , Dubs have "Organization above everything"

    And then they condemn idolatry, what a hell is this then?

  • DaCheech

    P.S. 5 months ago I attended my cousins wedding in a "worldly" church (we are JW's and my wife/children attended too). No one there made any comments to my childrens habits

    P.S. #2: my child was snoaring so low, that the brother could not figure out, until he "bothered" 4 others.

    P.S. #3: I told my wife, and she agrees that we are not going to go to tonights meeting!

  • greendawn

    Even if the snoring infant was disturbing others they should have let the parents know about it in a sensitive, polite and non offensive way, obviously their approach was rude and unchristian. The mother should realise something about the org after this behaviour.

  • jeanniebeanz

    You are not forced to take your children to the theatre. If parents left their kids at home and went to the meetings, and did so only when they wanted to, I could see the theatre analogy working. As it stands, I don't see the comparison.

    As far as it being an emotionally charged issue... Well, Duh! You are talking about a rude comment, made to a frustrated mother, doing her best to even be there with two small children, and by a childless, clueless automaton. What do you expect?

    Unbelievable lack of judgement and some very insensitive comments made to mothers on this thread...


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