Christmas Eve Elders Visit

by HoChiMin 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • neyank

    Hey Hochimin.

    I wonder if they'll be around to pay me a visit too.

    On a side note, I hear congradulations are in order.

    I just heard the news the other day.

    So congradulations!


  • HoChiMin


    Thank you some day we'll meet?

    I love the pics of the graves on page one.


  • G Money
    G Money

    Does the one brother's pedo make the other's nose wagger? (pedo means fart in Spanish)

  • calico

    Hmmmmmmm.........someone knocked on my door Saturday morning! Wonder who it was?

  • zagor

    What could they hope to accomplish?

    To save their asses when CO comes to visit the congregation. In fact, if you ask around if CO is coming you might likely find out that he's coming in a week or two. That's the only reason why they EVER call.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I have heard they are doing some clear - up work, visiting all the inactive ones to ask where they stand regarding the borg. They won't bother me as I am da'd anyway, so they know where I stand, but I imagine a few faders will be getting surprise visits over the next few weeks. KH attendance is in general decline in this country, and has been for some years, so maybe they are trying to boost it by getting a few faders to come back.

  • Honesty
    If you are a "known apostate" who verbally, or outwardly has denied the "Organisation" as gods channel of communication to his people, you are not supposed to be called on period.

    I went to a lot of trouble celebrating Christmas for the first time this year and now you come and tell me they weren't even thinking about doing a drive-by.

  • freydi

    Twas the day before Christmas and all thru the house,
    not a spirit was glowing, not even a grouse.
    When what to my wondering ears did hear,
    but the front door bell and two JW Eldeers.

    With bookbags so full, as they acted with pride
    they said I'd been missing and wanted inside.
    I said I was busy and couldn't comply
    as I knew they had come for an unannounced spy.

    They left in a huff when they couldn't come in
    but I knew they wouldn't be dissuaded from uncovering sin.
    And I heard them exclaim as they walked out of sight
    Come to the hall next Tuesday night.

  • blondie

    I had complained to a family member that the elders never made appointments, Confession. She said that they weren't told to. A year later this information came about in the WT after the convention that year had a demonstration of a how to make a shepherding call. The 2 elders in the demonstration called ahead and made an appointment. Perhaps these elders felt it was only a "suggestion."


    w96 3/15 p. 26 How Christian Shepherds Serve You ***


    for Shepherding Calls

    Make an appointment: It is usually good to make an appointment. If the elder plans to handle a serious problem, it would be proper to inform the publisher of this beforehand.


  • blondie

    *** w96 3/15 p. 27 How Christian Shepherds Serve You ***

    Before making a shepherding call, one elder phones and says, "I call on one family each month. Can I visit you for an hour or so sometime next month? When would this suit you?"

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