Christmas Eve Elders Visit

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  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    It's part of that whole JW Urban Legend thing.

    No one leaves Jehoba's Borg because they don't believe's because they can't live up to his high, and moral expectation. Proof of this is a dozen stories or more how many people were studied with yet couldn't bring themselves to "give up Xmas". LOL. And then those who get DF's on Dec. 1st, run out buy an Xmas tree, start wife swapping, and run immediately to the Stab and Grab to buy a carton of cigarettes.

    So the elders stop by the houses of these inactive ones....looking for Xmas treees, lights, etc. That way they can tsk-tsk-tsk all the way home. Feel superior in their cult mindset...and reinforce the idea to themselves and the congo that everybody who is weak runs to the trough of Satan to celebrate Xmas, and they just simply could not live up to "the standards" of Jah's borg.

    The thought that someone may actually NOT believe is just too large of a concept to grab for most of them. The need to believe is too overpowering. They need an excuse to apply to those who's CAN'T be because they don't HAS to be for some "explainable" reason. Xmas is their out.

  • Quentin
    ...payments are not made on time the Witnesses is in default on their contract and the Society sends "muscle"... garybuss

    That's as good a point as anybody can make about their tactics. Watchtower Mafia...Jehovah's thugs...if it wasen't so pathetic it would be funny...

  • gumby

    Well, I see Enigmabastard decided to drag his hungover arse outta bed!


  • Apostanator

    The Jeho ho ho vahs,,,,,, Geez, It would have been nice if they gave you a present. So much for big brother watching you. Brings new meaning to cruising on a Saturday night.

  • wombat

    Apostanator...........Didn't you mean to say Je-skanky-ho-vah ?

  • Apostanator
  • horrible life
    horrible life

    HO-CHI-MIN, I am with you, I'll bring my shovel, stevenyc knows where Russell's is, we can start there, and move on to the next jack-ass bag-o-bones!

    I think back on the direction from the WT and past rulers and would like to dig them up and kick their asses
  • gumby

    Pricless! LMAO!


  • Seeker4


    That is so odd, but so typical in some ways. You know how they came after me when I hadn't been to a meeting in 6 or 7 years.

    Glad your lady answered the door - and very nicely.

    Apostanator and Hubert - Merry Christmas from Lori and I. Enjoy the day. Delivered a load of Xmas presents to part of my family this morning.

    Yesterday, my still JW daughter, who is here in town seeing her still JW Mom, left me a four page note - her first contact with me in 15 months. Essentially the note was that she no longer respected me, didn't think we'd ever be able to be close again, and that I was a selfish bastard asshole (not exactly those words, you might realize).

    Hey, it's a great start! I may actually get to see two of my grandchildren after 15 months! All right!!


  • Confession

    Gary Buss, I loved your post. Interesting viewpoint! LOL

    Blondie: I never understood the gall of elders just "dropping by" without showing consideration and calling ahead and making an appointment.

    I am soooo with you, Blondie. It's funny now to think back at some of the hesitations I used to have--especially as an elder. There were things that just felt wrong, although I would never attribute anything negative to the organization at the time. One of them was this idea that we were just supposed to "drop by" on people without an appointment.

    "Shepherding" was always the thing (during my time) that elders were notoriously remiss about. I recall when, during an elder meeting, the P.O. asked for our suggestions as to how to go about improving the shepherding arrangement. Another brother and I suggested making appointments, and we did this for quite awhile. But when another elder took over as Service Overseer things changed. When he told us we'd be doing things a bit differently, we asked how it would work...

    "Well, basically, we're all going to meet here at the Hall, and we'll just "go out." Go right out."

    We noted how this would mean dropping by on friends who had not planned for our visit--not to mention wasting a HUGE amount of time when we'd often find them away from home. But he didn't care. This was a guy I used to like going out in service with because he was such a creative time waster.

    One or two of us would pile in his car, and we'd venture out. But first we'd stop by his bank or to take care of some other quick business of his. Then we'd stop at a gas station to fuel up his massive van and fill up his coffee mug, go to the territory and work six or seven houses, break for bagels and coffee for forty-five minutes, and then head out to see some old friend of his. The conversation could only loosely be considered "spiritual" or "biblical." I think he actually liked the idea that half the people we'd stop by on would be gone.

    It really bugged me as being very arrogant to think you could just bluster in on someone like that. When I'd share such thoughts with the body, I'd get some support, but the rest just sort of looked back and forth at one another until someone made a remark about how the visit shouldn't take too long anyway and the friends should be cooperative in opening their doors to us.

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