Christmas Eve Elders Visit

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  • horrible life
    horrible life

    freydi, that was good! LOL Add some more and post it next Christmas Eve, or a week before Christmas, about the time the elders start sneaking around.

    Blondie, The date for me, for them to come and visit would be the 12th of never. HL

  • willyloman

    Seeker4: I have a similar letter from my daughter, somewhere in a filing cabinet. We're great friends, now. You were right when you observed, "Hey, it's a great start!"

    Confession: Man, I had that same guy in my old congo! "We'll meet on Wednesday night and just go out and call on the friends. They won't be expecting us." When the body "bought" that concept (for a short time), I started calling in advance and making appointments so when we met on Weds nite, I could say, "Well, I'm scheduled to pay a call on so-and-so, anyone want to come with me?" Someone always volunteered.

  • horrible life
    horrible life
    Someone always volunteered

    Can't you just picture them getting their "Jollies", off of whatever they found out!

  • blondie
    Blondie, The date for me, for them to come and visit would be the 12th of never.

    I guess that is probably the excuse some elders give for not calling ahead; that people would say NO. It certainly shows what their motive is, to help or to harm or to catch someone doing something wrong. Anyone reading this, let me note, you are under no obligation to ever let the elders or any other JWs into your home except by invitation. If they "drop by," tell them it is incovenient and that they should have called to check when is a good time then shut the door, assuming you haven't used the talking through the door technique I prefer. Then use caller ID to avoid their calls.

    It is very inconsiderate, unloving, and arrogant of elders to call without making an appointment. Feel free to let them know that.


  • BluesBrother

    Why call Christmas eve ? could have something to do with the fact that elders have usually finished their jobs for the holiday [who would want their windows cleaned?] their wife wants some space around the house, they know that it would be a dead loss calling in "ministry calls" on that day. - Sooo, they call on the inactive..

    Reminds me of an old Circuit Overseers favourite story. It was Christmas day afternoon , Circuit Overseer remembered the lapsed one , the locals were all with their families , so Circuit Overseer makes a visit. The house was festooned with christmas lights and decorations, party music came from inside. At the knock of the door a large man answers with a party hat on and smoking a cigar. The Circuit Overseer smiles and says, "Hello Bill" - Bill's jaw drops and he turns white in shock/horror. But an appointment is made , Bill sorts out his "sins" with the local's and is drawn back to the fold and now serves as appointed man again in the congregation.. At least, that is what they may hope to achieve.

    If you don't respond they can just get rid of you...

  • Dismembered

    Greetings HCM,

    Evidently there must be some kind of newfangled edict from the Watchtower bowels, to send out their dedicated Storm Troopers" to "clean up the town" so to speak.

    I had two of them on my porch unannounced, and unwelcome as hell, here some weeks ago. Like you I have not been to meetings for some 4 years now, and poof all of a sudden here they are! They tried to make an issue of the fact that I now have an American flag so proudly waving in my front yard, and that the issue of neutrality was at hand. He started with that "remember the brothers in Malawi" shit. I told one of them "You have big gonads to come up here on my porch, uninvited and tell me that". Judging from the way his face twisted, with the look of terminal constipation, and no place to relieve himself, he was not expecting that kind of remark from me. I thought he was going to crap himself. In no uncertain terms I told them to get off my porch, and that if I was disfellowshipped, or any of that crap, they'd be getting a docket in the mail. So far so good. No one has been back.

    PS:I told them as they were walking back to their car to "just make me a do not call again"'

    Time will tell if anything happens.


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