Christmas Eve Elders Visit

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  • HoChiMin

    That's correct two Jovie elders in suits stopped by my house last night at 5:00PM. I know both of them well and dislike both of them equally. What could have been going through their minds? Were they here to "help" me, could it be they noticed the Christmas lights? Imagine the glee in their eyes upon driving onto my property thinking "we've got him now" just look at the evidence all lit up around here. But alas a women they do not know ansewers the door "can I help you?" she says "is Hochimin home?" "he's busy" "he's busy? could you tell him Pedo and Nose Wagger ARE here?" "I'll tell him you WERE here" door closes and is bolted they leave.

    I expect these sorry ass meddling f^$%s will be back here soon and I will not be nice if I feel the way I do now. I havent been to a Jovie meeting in five years and have no relatives in that sick organization. What could they hope to accomplish? Even after being part of the cult for 20 years I still can not answer that question. I think back on the direction from the WT and past rulers and would like to dig them up and kick their asses.


  • blondie

    Well, Ho Chi Minh, they don't know that the woman who answered the door wasn't the one who put up or had the lights put up.

    Imagine how motivated those 2 elders must have been to be out on a Saturday evening at 5 pm! I wonder if they drew the short straws when the elder body decided who would visit you or if they volunteered due to their "zealousness"?

    I never understood the gall of elders just "dropping by" without showing consideration and calling ahead and making an appointment.

    Love, Blondie

  • ozziepost
    haven’t been to a Jovie meeting in five years and have no relatives in that sick organization. What could they hope to accomplish?

    Good question, HCM.

  • luna2

    Ha! I got a visit from a "sister" yesterday too. I was sitting in the car getting my purse organized when she walked up. I didn't know her, but whoever she was doing the rounds with told her that I was a dub. I was friendly, but I told her that I really wasn't a dub any more. Told her why too. She was taken aback a bit, but we ended our brief conversation least I drove away with a smile on my face.

    Hope those elders leave you alone HoChiMin. I wouldn't be surprised if I get a visit now too. They seem pretty keen these days to clear their records of all of us faders.

  • aniron

    There seems to be a spate of "visits from Elders" this past couple of weeks.

    Especially to those who haven't had a visit for years.

    Is something going on?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I was pretty sure they would use this holiday season to 'catch me' in the act of pagan celebrations. So far, no.

    It's an old trick this time of year. They know that those returning to normal lives go back to Xmas fairly soon.

    Why do they do it? They think they are soon to be 'princes in all the earth' - they think all should be bowing to thier rules and rulership even now, and it baffles them as to why you and I don't any longer.

    Remenicient[sp] of some self concerned religious leaders in the days of Jesus, doesn't it?


  • wombat

    Just a bit off the topic.........

    To-day my 88 y.o. Mum and I 'phoned one of her grand-sons to wish him a Merry Christmas. His first Xmas out of the org (last year) was pretty lonely but since then he has become engaged to the lovliest lady.

    To-day he is celebrating his first real Christmas in his 27 years with his fiancee's family and loving it.

    We just loved saying "Merry Christmas" to each other.......We've both broken the shackles from this disgusting org.

  • HappyDad
    Hope those elders leave you alone HoChiMin. I wouldn't be surprised if I get a visit now too. They seem pretty keen these days to clear their records of all of us faders.

    I'm sure they've driven by my house on more than one ocassion. Only thing is.....I don't have any outward signs that I'm celebrating Christmas. Now if I had someone living with me, I know there would be lights and decorations everywhere.

    It's been close to two years since any JW came to my door, but the phone calls are being made from time to time to try to get me to pick up. When I used to answer all calls a few years ago, the blocked numbers would be from two different elders. I finally got smart and got caller ID. I use the phone company message that my number does not accept calls from blocked numbers. So they started using a new tactic. The caller ID is showing other names that I remember from the KH, but no one leaves a message.

    What's next? Using a pay phone? Yeah....if they can find one.


  • garybuss

    You wrote: "Is something going on?"

    It's the Christmas purge. This happens every year near Christmas. It happens other times too, but Christmas time makes it very easy for them. The Witness people (not always but usually, just elders) visit (baptized) walkaways and inactive members to see if they can observe any evidence that indicates the subject is celebrating Christmas. If evidence is found, it's reported and often an announcement is made at the Kingdom Hall that so and so is no longer a Jehovah's Witness. (shunning begins)

    The elders gain a couple things.
    One, they clean up their books. A Baptized Witness becomes an account receivable to the Watch Tower Society. The baptized Witness has a debt to the Society and it's the Circuit Overseer's and elder's job to see that installment payments of meetings and service are made on time. When those payments are not made on time the Witnesses is in default on their contract and the Society sends "muscle" to the homes of the debtors to demand payment or to threaten punishments. The last meeting or two is usually just a housekeeping item to cover their own butts. Elders can say they made duty visits to induce compliance and a payment on the debt from the Witness under contract, if they are questioned by a Circuit compliance officer.
    Two, the elders gain compliance increase, and payment of the working debt from other Witnesses who see what happens to members who do not comply with directions.

  • gumby

    If you are a "known apostate" who verbally, or outwardly has denied the "Organisation" as gods channel of communication to his people, you are not supposed to be called on period. If your a quiet fader, then a yearly visit at least is required of elders. As many have said, Christmas is a good time for them to do this. Besides, they'd rather bug the shit out of someone they know this time of year rather than a disgruntled christmas shopper who's a stranger.

    BTW......LMAO at your post hochi.....and nice to hear from you since we joined this place close to the same time.


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