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  • Super_Becka

    Nice post, Shootist. I agree, God is love, not an insane bunch of restrictions put together by some old men in Brooklyn. I'm not a JW, nor have I ever been, and so I grew up with a loving, caring God, not a vengeful, angry God, and I hold on to that belief. God loves us unconditionally and He will forgive us our sins if we ask for it. We are not accountable to some earthly organization like the WTS, we are accountable to Him and only Him.

    Lunarlara, you deserve a personal relationship with God, but you won't get that with the WTS. Stand your ground and don't budge. You'll be so much better off without the WTS in your life, and you'll save your children a life of misery as JWs. Don't be afraid of the JWs, hold on to your beliefs and don't let them sway you. Your faith is more important in you life than the WTS.

    -Becka :)

  • SPAZnik

    "A confrontation is satisfying to some of us but not to all."

    Them's fightin' words Rebel8. :)

  • Sheepish

    Welcome Lunalara! I also really hate a confrontation like that. It is part of growing strong and coming into being your own person. Be true to yourself. Like salesman they are trained to play on your emotions and fears and argue you down. Don't let them get started. Just state what you want and tell them to please not come back. Or put you on a do not call back list. You don't have to get angry or mean, or argue, or put up with anything to be polite. You are being polite just by telling them and not making them come back time after time as you hide from them.. You have a right to your decision, and to not allow anyone access to you you do not want to try and sway you. You could also do something that happened to me when I was a JW: I came for a Bible study and the book was on the doorstep outside.I got the hint. (You could also leave a nice note telling them not to return.)

    By the way. Since you seem to be drawn to the Bible...The Bible says True "Religion" that is pleasing to God is caring for orphans and widows. (Even the JW Bible says this!) Religion is an outward expression of your beliefs. Start with a relationship with God. You and Him. Read the Bible for yourself.You don't have to stress or worry, or take orders from an organization. Your "religion" will follow your belief. The truth will set you free in many, many ways.

    Best wishes in getting completely free from the briar patch!

  • DavidChristopher

    Welcome Lunarlara

    There are many different ways to handle this.

    I don't think that lying to them, or keeping your "opinions" or "knowledge" from them would be the loving thing to do. I wouldn't.

    I would wait till they asked me for an explanation, and I would let Jesus take it from there. Let Him have some fun.

    You BOTH can then have some fun

    Just my "opinion" though.......

  • FSMonster

    Good for you Lunar you are so lucky to have heard 'rumors' first. This is what I'm curious about: how did you hear and what was it, before using internet for researching all the dirt on jw's?

    Good Luck.

  • ffoeg


  • lunarlara
    Good for you Lunar you are so lucky to have heard 'rumors' first. This is what I'm curious about: how did you hear and what was it, before using internet for researching all the dirt on jw's?

    well you see what happened was i was having my usual study and i asked how jw started .so the sister said that charles taze russell started it after jehovah guided him (of course).she told me that jws used to be called russellites and said i could look at the jw disc for the pc for info if i wanted but not to bother with the internet as people who are against jws put lies there.

    something in my head just clicked and i was instantly suspicious after all if jw is the true religion, the internet couldnt put me off! why did she impress upon me not to look at the internet for info.i felt she made a too strong opinion on it.(it was the way she said it).

    so my curiosity got the better of me and i looked .also i had been advised by my family who didnt want me to study to look outside the organization for info about it .but i didnt listen (unfortunately).

    I dont know why but i was compelled to look and came across allsorts of sites.and that led me here .I am so glad my intuition kicked in and i just felt the need to look at the internet and boy did i get a shock when i found out all the real "truth" about them.

    and I am so glad that i did find out.

    anyway thats how i came to find this forum.


  • IronClaw

    Hello and welcome. You did the right thing. I wish back in 1969 we had the internet. Now My family is split thanks to the JDub's. My wife and kids hate me cause Im an "Apostate" in their eyes. As far as that sister who studied with you and wanted you to look at the WT cdrom to learn how the society got started and all that jazz, that is a doctored cd. They have changed what was origanally printed in the early mags and books. Anyone on this forum will attest to that. Thats why she didn't want you to look at the internet, cause she knows the truth is out there. As you progress and start to do more studying on your own you will learn this. Any and I mean ANY QUESTIONS that you may have, feel free to ask any of us anytime. We will not avoid any questions, unlike the WTBTS. Good luck and welcome again.

  • blindersoff

    Great story Lunar.

    Keep it up.


  • stillAwitness

    Hi! I know how you must feel about losing all your JW "friends" but believe me. They aren't friends you want to be around.

    Wait till they find out you have discontinued your study. Suddenly they won't return your phone calls and they'll walk right past you at the mall.

    You are doing the right thing. Its a brand new year for you and a brand new you. Quit looking at it like 'all the time I wasted.'

    Look ahead not behind!

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