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    I sure am glad you figured it out in just 3 years because I was raised from infancy is this mess and lost 49 years of good living. My advice is don't make the same mistake twice. If its so important to believe something a certain way, don't you think a loving God would spell it out clearly for all the world to see, leaving no soul in doubt? Take a good look in your mind and heart and maybe God is right there. Love is God, no judgementalism, no one right religion, just love. To me that's a simple answer with a good starting and finishing point.

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    I agree with what Jgnat said....Make printouts from the UN website showing the JW's were NGO members for 10 years... Didn't you tell me that the UN is the Wild Beast, why would the JW's want to touch an unclean thing? Jehovah doesn't approve of spiritual adultery.

    ...I wish you the best. I hope you can find a new circle of friends that really appreciate you and your children unconditionally.



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    welcome to the forum lunarlara

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    Van Gogh

    Welcome lunarlara!

    Amen to the others.

    Look at it this way:

    You did them a huge favor by letting them in your home all this time so they didn't have to push doorbells outside.

    All the invested "time" and everything else was duly recorded on their time slips.

    That "counts" a lot.

    You say you're "afraid" they will talk you out of it. Think about it.

    Fear of being influenced against your expressed will can't be a good thing. IMO it's a sure sign...

  • lunarlara

    please could someone post a link where i can print out the UN information thanks xx

  • SPAZnik

    just be real
    with them

    nothing wrong
    with telling
    what you've told
    is there?

    (the truth will set you free
    and all that)

    be true
    to you

    it can be nice
    to be new

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    Go to www.un.org (the UN Web site)

    Click "Welcome"

    Click "About the United Nations"

    In the left column (about halfway down), find and click "NGO Section" (NGO means "non-governmental organization," which is true of any organization that is not a Government)

    In the left column, find and click "NGO Related Documents and Events" In the right hand side, you will find "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York"

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    What a beautiful, musical, meaningful name you have introduced to us on this board. Thank you for this present on this happy present giving day.

    You wrote:

    im glad to have had my eyes opened as to what damage this religion can cause.i am quite sad also that i hadnt discovered the "true" religion.but also relieved that this was not IT.

    You entered a place of falsehood, and had eyes opened. You express sadness because you hadn't discovered true religion. Can you accept the following? Having eyes opened is part of discovering true religion! You are on the right path: This is everlasting life, knowing the father and the son, Jesus Christ. (John 17:3) Recognizing and exposing falsehood or lies for oneself means acknowledging and accepting Truth. This is the finding and practice of True Religion.You say, i had made some friends. If you want to be a true friend, then would you not tell them what you have told us here as one of the above posters stated? Perhaps all or some of your friends may discover what you have discovered, and instead of shunning you, they will eventually embrace you and thank you for showing them the way.


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    Welcome lunarlara

    You may find the following links helpful.

    Best wishes




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    Welcome lunarlara!!!

    It's horrible inside, believe me. Don't do it. Ozzie

    Better believe him, girl. It is far, far worse than he let on. It will destroy your soul and turn you away from the real Jesus.

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