Christmas Eve, what are you doing tonight?

by JH 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • simplesally

    Drinking champagne and I only have 2 more presents to wrap. I took the day off work today due to some test I had to take at the hospital so I got to come home and watch War of the Worlds and Crash. Finally!!

    Can't wait til Little Girl gets home and sees all her presents!

  • lonelysheep

    I just returned from a friend's family's house. It was a fun and relaxing evening! Oh my gosh, I'm stuffed! There were tons of seafood like tilapia cooked two different ways, calamari, shrimp, goes on. I drank some great wine and finished off with delicious fruit/desserts and coffee.

    Now I'm waiting for my kiddies to be dropped off.

  • Benjamin Belial
    Benjamin Belial

    The same thing I do every night. Sitting online and doing nothing. Same thing I'll do tomorrow.

  • alias

    Listening to Christmas music. Reclaiming what's lost through creative expression. alias

  • blondie
    Drinking egg nog adn watching a John Wayne movie. How sad.

    You need to add something to that eggnog, skeeter1. Which John Wayne movie? Blondie

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