Are You Truly Happy

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  • Golf

    For me, I've learned to be content. A to what makes me happy, well, I'm happy when other people are happy. I'm happy when I give my grandchildren plenty of hugs and kisses.

    How about you?

    If you don't have two cents worth of happiness, I'll except a penny.


  • under74

    I'm not happy all the time but I'm happy at least once a day. Yesterday, I went out to eat with my older sister and my neice after some christmas shopping. We were waiting for a table when a man darted straight for my neice and asked if she'd been good this year. She said yes. Then he handed her a $30 gift card for the place we were eating at and darted for the door. I was floored this guy would do that. A few minutes later my niece asked my sister and me if we needed it. We both said she said that when we were done eating she was going to give it to someone else. We went to a store afterward and the guy ringing me up was nice and so my niece whipped out the card, said merry christmas and all I heard was "THANK YOU!" to my niece as we walked out. I'm happy right now writing this.

    It made my month.

  • Dansk


    It's an appropriate time for you to have started this thread because only a short while ago I was saying to myself how wonderfully happy I was feeling. I am content, my sister has just visited and was in good spirits, Christmas feels it is truly here now, the dogs are happy, life is great, I'm posting here with great gusto, the birds are out in the garden (just had a heron at the pond) - everything is good!

    Yes, at this exact moment I am TRULY happy!

    Love to you and yours,


  • Crumpet

    That's a nice thread Golf. I am only really happy when I am by myself and am occupied enough by my surroundings or pursuit that I don't have time or space to worry. I am also happy when my boyfriend gives me a cuddle or a kiss, but that only happens very very rarely so they are moments to savour.

  • Golf

    Dansk, great to hear from you. I still have my hopes up for you. Imagine the folks within the org. 'thinking' they're happy, happy slaves maybe, but not free and enjoying genuine happiness. Genuine happiness means being free of any guilt that holds you in bondage, and that's any type of bondage.

    What's your present status?

    I was watching the Oprah show yesterday, the entire program dealt on miracles, it was very stimulating and encouraging. She has such a positive attitude. Anyways, the best and keep the faith.

    Under74, that's encouraging to hear. I wish you all the best, glad to know that your at least happy once a day!

    Again, hugging and kissing my granchildren every time I see them has been very fruitful. They have smiles on their faces, smiles does wonders to a face. My grandchildren 'know' they are loved. What are we without love?


  • lime05

    In an ideal world everyone would be happy but this isnt an ideal world. As long as your not depressed or suicidal thats all that matters right?

  • Benjamin Belial
    Benjamin Belial

    Happiness is overrated.

  • Golf

    Ben, there's gotta be something that makes you happy. Dig deep into that Santa Claus bag of yours.

    Lime05, this is the only world we know, we gotta make the most of it. Why allow others and ourselves to ruin it? In sports as in life, you gotta make things happen.

    Think on this one, smiles does wonders to a face.


  • under74

    "...there's gotta be something that makes you happy."

    I agree, sometimes it's even just the little things. The first cup of coffee in the morning with a cigarette (and no, I don't encourage people to smoke...just saying it's a beautiful combination), being able to talk to a friend when needed, eating a good meal, being able to remind yourself that you left a controlling religion which is probably the hardest thing you had to do--so you can do about anything now.

    I think though, that since I've never seriously thought about suicide I may just be easy.

  • Golf

    under74, yes, even a good cup of coffee can bring a sense of enjoyment to life.

    There are many things to DO that can make life more pleasureable, we need to push ourselves in that direction and stay with the program. That story you related the other day proves the point, there's happiness in giving, that includes ourselves, WE NEED TO LOVE OURSELVES. True love has no barriers.

    Enjoy your coffee (cigarette?) and the holidays.


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