What can we do about QUOTES.COM?

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    lol @ auldsoul's "210 lands worldwide" :D

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    I think that I read on xxxxx site that has made the cd's that both of these authors are now in the public domain. The reason, Russell WAS the WT organization back then. "The Judges" books are in public domain because the existing WTS did not renew his copyrights. Boy, I bet now the ole' Boyz wish that they had! I think I am going to purchase a copy of da judges writings just in case.

    If you are interested in doing the same, I'm sure you'll be able to find them. Maybe even through amazon dot com!


  • DavidChristopher

    Jesus always ate with sinners when He was here in the flesh. Is there someone WHO is not a sinner on this earth? I would like to talk to them, I need some pointers.

  • JH

    It would seem that the Watchtower is ashamed of their past teachings !!!!

  • AuldSoul


    I have the entire 10 CD set on its way. Except for the first set of Watchtowers they are searchable PDFs. I promise you, I will make them regret their shortsightedness. They never expected us to be able to bring back their teachings from over a century ago.


  • zagor

    I wonder though if anyone is thinking of suing them for misquotations, misrepresentations and cutting key thoughts of the context to make them sound as if these support a wtbs doctrine.

    And potential candidates are: ???

    take your pick: New Scientist, Discovery, National Geographic, Times, list goes on and on.

  • fairchild


    Gosh, I was browsing around, trying to find out exactly which WT publications are in piblic domain. In my travels, I cam upon this site..


    If I had any doubts in the past about the JWs NOT having the truth, then those doubts are completely gone now. I know this is a big chunk to read, but I promise it's worth it.


    It sure would be interesting to pick out some things they quoted and twisted, make a list of them and send them to the magazines in question. All we need are the sources they quoted from and their own publications where they twisted the quotes around. To be quite honest, it would be worth the effort.

    Then a mail can be sent to the magazines they quoted with a WT twist, and a request for them to publicly straighten out the quotes. Darn, that would be a hoot.

  • rebel8

    Ask and you shall receive.

    Online Petition to Protest Quotes Lawsuit: http://www.jwinfo.50megs.com/custom4.html

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    Ok, let's get something straight. While Peter's approach was unique, what he actually did has been around for a long time. Read Whalen, White, even the hyper-inflated Wilson and you will see that comparing published statements of the Society has been around for a long time.

    This great tactic can be used by anyone on any website, in any published work, etc. but you need to play within the rules and within the Doctrine of Fair Use.

    Quotes ran afoul of the law for two reasons in my opinion. 1. reproducing CDs which in effect contained significant portions of copyrighted work and 2) by trying to be completely "objective" and not commenting on the material.

    In the U.S. the doctrine of fair use requires that some comment (scientific, critical, artistic, etc.) be made upon the excerpted material in order for the user to avoid copyright infringement. Also note that the quantity (size, amount) of the work is not an essential factor, even a tiny quantity can be an infringement, although the greater the quantity of the copyrighted material is used the more likely it would be deemed an infringement.

    Therefore, if you plan on using any copyrighted material without permission, then you should make sure that you are within the bounds of fair use of the material by commenting upon the material and making sure that the purpose for which you are using it is an acceptable one.

    Remember that copyright protection is an economic goal. A court will recognize and protect a copyright holder's rights when it is evident that the holder may suffer economic harm. Criticism, polemicism, critique, praise, apology, by themselves are not a basis to uphold a copyright holder's right to prevent others from use of the material.

    Thus make sure to provide such commentary upon any excerpted material and refrain from offering anything for sale that contains such copyrighted materials.

    As always, if you plan on making use of any copyright holder's work, if possible consult a local attorney, and be prepared to defend your use. As Quotes experience shows, even when the case is arguable or even if the law is on your side, defending a lawsuit might be and probably is going to be overwhelming. Some of you in this position may also wish to determine whether your state has a similar law as California's Anti-SLAPP law which might be used in a potential lawsuit.

    As for mirror sites of Quotes, without encouraging this, if these are set up you should try to remove any reference to "Quotes" old domain or Peter, if there are any in the site, so as to avoid Peter's having to establish that he has nothing to do with such sites. (Such sites might even contain a disclaimer - stating explicitly that the site doesn't have anything to do with Peter Mossier or the Quotes.watcthower.ca website.)

    -Eduardo Leaton Jr., Esq.

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