What can we do about QUOTES.COM?

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  • DavidChristopher

    Somehow, the words pop into my head" Don't worry about what you are to speak when, they bring you up for questioning before them...Your father in Heaven will give you what you need, so that you may be a witness to them." Well, want to see if it is true? Does our Father love you as well? Why don't you go ask someone? Maybe they can prove to you, that he is lying to you. Or maybe the SNAKE is gonna get bit! Who loves you more?

    Anyone think they can prove to me, He doesn't love me?

    Pull up...stage....leave on green...

  • dedpoet

    If the wts lurkers are reading this (and I'm sure they are), I just wonder what's going through their tiny minds now.....

    They silence one site, and potentially hundreds of other similar ones replace it

    And just when they thought they had won.......lol

  • DavidChristopher

    I hope they are ready to "fight" us. I missed two at my door this morning!!! My girlfriend was actually kinda diappointed I was asleep. She said "I would have loved to have seen that!"

  • belbab

    Quotes has posted that he had not kept his site up to date. For his protection, any other site that is used could be started up gradually, starting with quotes that he did not use. The original sources of his quotes still exist. They can be reintroduced to a new site.The sources of quotes on a new site will be reference to the original writings, by passing Ouotes altogether. They can't come back on Quotes, if he has been on a permanent vacation and unavailable.


  • NewLight2

    The Writings of C T Russell hold NO copyright otherwise 'certain ones' could not sell cd's made with his writings. These same 'certain ones' also sell a cd with what 'The Judge' wrote while HE was president. So I assume that his 'babblings' are also copyright free.

    A site containing just quotes by these two will further 'embarass' the WTS.


  • fairchild

    OOHH WTS lurkers are reading this? Goodie, I have a message for them.

    Dear WTS lurkers,

    I can not begin to fathom how bad it must feel. You create and publish false predictions, then you change your mind about what you published like one changes jackets when the seasons change. But you know what the difference is between a publication and an old jacket? An old jacket can be discarded of, but an old publication will haunt you forever, no matter how desperately you try to hide it. When you get quoted with your own words, you feel the need to sue the person who quotes you. But you know what? By doing this, you generously admit to your own wrongs. It is obvious that quotes from your old publications can be very damaging to you. No wonder you want to protect your profitable publishing business, who would not do the same thing in your situation?

    You might have managed to shut up the poor guy whose mere purpose it was to distribute a handful of quotes (and I sincerely hope that those quotes have helped many of your potential victims to make an informed decision in life.), but you didn't win. You showed your true colors, and you showed that money talks. In addition, you acted too late, really. Are you familiar with the expression "It is too late to fill the ditch after the calf has been drowned"? We are seeing a strikingly similar situation here. You can kill the kid who is handing out pamphlets on a street corner, but you can't chase and catch every passer-by who has received and read the pamphlets. Trust me, it is too late.

    Do you keep records of how many families have been torn apart because of your unbiblical shunning rules? You did read the bible, right? Did you read the part where Jesus ate with sinners? I suggest you omit it in your next edition of the NWT, just like you have adjusted other parts to suit your particular needs.

    Oh and by the way, could you please compensate me for emotional damages done during the year 1975? I was just a kid, you know, and I was scared to death all year long, because I thought the world was going to come to an end.

  • fairchild

    NewLight, that is correct. Copyrights expire a certain amount of years after the author dies. In some cases it is 50 years and in some cases it is 70 years, but they do expire. Once the copyrights expire, the writings become public domain and anyone can use them.

    The thought has come to mind if a site with quotes from WT authors who have been dead for over 50 years would be untouchable, but the truth is that I'm not sure. Many, if not all, of the WT writers wrote "for" the watchtower, meaning that it is the watchtower, and not the writers, who holds the copyrights.

  • Dansk

    Wow, Christmas and now a thread like this! I can't remember feeling so happy! Watchtower's going Down, Watchtower's going down, Watchtower's going down.............................


  • Beans

    It's the gift that keeps on giving!

  • Ned

    Add your own thoughts to each of the quotes, and make each of the quotes smaller. Then, you may be within your free speech rights to criticize the WTS instead of possibly violating copyright laws. Talk with your attorney about this idea.

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