Can the beast be slain? Should it be?

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  • HappyDad


    If you knew there was a rabid animal loose, whether you had been affected or not, would you warn others against getting near the animal? Would you arm them with as complete a description as possible for the marking and behaviors of the animal, so they could accurately identify it?

    One thing I do is inform people about the sly tactics used by the borg to hook you into getting involved with them. I have also told a person who has studied off and on for 10 years to read Crisis of Conscience. Once she did, she said she is through with them for good. She also told her "good friend" and friend's husband about the book and how true it was. Now that "good friend" doesn't bother much with her.

    I also think Danny has the right idea about information disemination. We need to see more negative media reports on how the WT supresses others from enjoying the same freedoms they fought in court for. The coin that the WT flips doesn't have heads and tails anymore. It is the same on both sides. They don't recognize any other comments or opinions.


  • TopHat

    Down with the Beast!!...I am with you AuldSoul

  • Goldminer

    The answer to both your questions is an emphatic YES!

    Please add me to your list.

    I had a talk with my jw father last night concerning the FDS.I showed him Mt 24:46 first where the WTS claims this happened in 1919.Then I slowly read him MT 24:36,42,44 where Jesus said you don't know when the end is or the son of man is coming.Three times he says this!!!! Yet in vs 46 the WTS can confidently claim it was 1919!!! My father got it! It really stunned him and got him thinking.I've been working on him for a while and this is the best results so far.

    Keep up your good work Auld Soul,like I've said before,the WTS is ...slowly imploding.


  • AuldSoul

    The idea is to make civic leaders, local news sources, attorneys, and church leaders aware that this organization is not just irritating but is dangerous. This can be done very cheaply with minimal amount of time and energy. It basically requires printing off some of the documentation we will work up and just talking with these people.

    Of course, this will coincide with an explosion of information Web sites that are about to come out, thanks to King Theo's (Jaracz') brilliant idea to topple Quotes. God must be for us, because every move they make against us hurts them worse.

    We need to explain that we aren't trying to squash religious freedom, but that the corporations behind Jehovah's Witnesses are abusing religious freedom as a means to fraudulently exploit citizens of the community for their own purposes.

    We are currently working up materials right now. If you have any suggestions on angles we could approach this from, they are welcome.

    If this sounds like the sort of minimal effort, high impact thing you have been wanting to get involved in, please make it known either by PM or by posting here. For everyone who has already agreed to help within their abilities, Welcome! Please submit ideas, whether you are signed on to help or not.

    Remember, no one joins an organization they pity. And remember Danny's motto: "A tiger can take down an elephant, if it bites it once a day."


  • Golf

    Great Post Danny, great! 7th grade you say? Hmmmmmmm, you've been doing lots of homework haven'tcha


  • AuldSoul


    Danny and I have something in common there. I got my GED at age 21.


  • metatron

    I like talking about this subject and analyzing it. It's very difficult to figure out because it isn't purely rational - otherwise

    there wouldn't be any Watchtower Society after 120 years of prophetic failure.

    Much of what is sought here is addressed in the book "The Tipping Point" - exactly what would the tipping point of the organization be?

    A long, public legal battle coupled with lots of scandal would bring them down. They could also be mostly wrecked by a successful

    Catholic level lawsuit - a good $300 million could devastate them.

    As you suggest, it would be very useful to project a public image of pity and revulsion about Jehovah's Witnesses -that they

    are ignorant, cult driven fanatics who avoid higher education and suffer deceptions from a greedy leadership.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I am with you all the way AuldSoul, and so is dedpoet. Count us in

  • AuldSoul

    I think the Catholic Church angle is one that could be pursued by anyone who has the quotes already pulled together maligning the Catholic Church specifically. While they can't afford to go after every organization that bad mouths them (obviously), they may make an exception for an organization that does so with such frequency and ferocity.

    fullofdoubtnow, dedpoet, and metatron(?) added to the list. No one will be particularly required to do anything, the eventual objective is the part of the plan that everyone needs to buy into. Any one of the means for achieving that objective that you feel comfortable with trying out, feel free. If you don't feel comfortable with any...don't. I don't think we need detailed schedules and records of participation or any of the other Corporate red tape we threw off.

    I think we can demonstrate to them what objective oriented freedom can accomplish. If we are all trusting each other to be working toward the same objective (setting all our friends and family free) we will realize the objective.


  • blindersoff
    I don't think we need detailed schedules and records of participation

    And here I was just sure this is why you came up with this form.


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