Can the beast be slain? Should it be?

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  • AuldSoul

    On another thread I was responding to Sentient and realized that what I was writing is what I truly feel so many who come out don't look at from a practical standpoint. The individuals in the organization are not typically the biggest problem, it is the organization itself. They call it an "organization" to hide its true face; it is a Corporation. Corporations are unfeeling and self-interested beasts.

    This one is rabid. What would be your motive if you saw the need to kill it? Wouldn't that depend on what it had done?

    For instance, if it killed one of your relatives you may be very angry at it. You might rationally see that it had to die, but you might vindictively want to be the one to do it as well.

    But what if it hadn't harmed you much personally? What if the effects haven't been that bad on your family? It is still a rabid beast and it still hurts others. It will not stop until it is dead.

    So, there may be some here who want to kill it because it damaged them or their families. But they also want to kill it so it doesn't have a chance to damage anyone else.

    If you knew there was a rabid animal loose, whether you had been affected or not, would you warn others against getting near the animal? Would you arm them with as complete a description as possible for the marking and behaviors of the animal, so they could accurately identify it? Would you make yourself ready to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself to bring the beast down, or even cripple it for the deathblow?

    Well, that is how I see this organization. A rabid animal, and there is work needs doin'. This beast can't have my family. And It can't have my friends. It is damnably hard to be loyal to an organization that no longer exists.


  • AlmostAtheist

    What's your plan, Sparky? If I heard one that was plausible, I could get behind it.

    I'm serious.


  • AuldSoul

    What is the one thing that holds so many captive to this organization? They believe it tells the truth.

    What is the one thing that BRINGS so many into captivity? They believe it tells the truth.

    What do you call that, when a source of information can inspire belief in others? Credibility.

    Its one missing scale (in dragon terminology), its Achilles heel, is its deceptive nature. Those who are NOT indoctrinated have no problem seeing it, WHEN SHOWN. Unfortunately, we usually reach them too late. After they start buying into the concept of "a" truth that is universally correct, they have blocks against new information.

    We have to make people who are not Witnesses care enough about Witnesses to learn enough to never entertain the possibility of becoming one. I and one other person are working on simple reasoning points that can be used with pastors of local churches, civic leaders, attorneys, and others to help them understand why these people are not just a minor irritant. The public needs to know that these poor souls are unwitting victims of a malicious and deceitful Corporation who need to be helped. Communities have a provable vested interest in helping these victims.

    If that becomes the public perception, the public is effectively innoculated. Nobody joins an organization they pity, after all.

    The plan will unfold in the coming months. It is not a short term plan, but it doesn't require long term investment of time and energy. Also, there are several opportunities for activity available to achieve the same long-term objectives, one may suit your personality style better than another. Interested parties may indicate interest in this thread. PMs will be the followup method of communication. Suggestions will of course be welcome.

    The purpose of this thread is to determine the level of interest in slaying the beast and freeing the captives. My response to "Can it be slain?" is simply this; anything that can be built can be dismantled.

    "Can it be slain?" only needs to be asked once "Should it be slain?" is answered. Read "I HATE THIS DEATH CULT!!!!" and ask yourself: How many more should die for the beast? How many more should live for it?


  • Pistoff

    The most effective tool against the virus that is the WT is TRUTH.

    They are so arrogant they call themselves THE TRUTH: are you in the truth? Are you falling out of the truth? Is he in the truth? Oh, he knows it is the truth......

    The are the religious embodiment of George Orwell's 1984. They have massaged and spun 1914, 1975, blood, alternative military service, the list is endless.

    The tool we need most is now dismantled.

    Let's get quotes back up.

  • TooOpinionated

    Count me in. I've been dreaming of something like this.

    Go ahead, Watchtower. Make my day.

  • AuldSoul


    Content similar to Quotes will be up shortly. I will send you a PM.


  • NewLight2

    I am PROUD to say that the WT has never had me or any of my family. I became interested in fighting this brainwashing cult as a youth of 13 when I had a classmate that belonged to the Cult. My father was also in 'counter-cult' ministry, so from an even earlier age I was aware that the WT DID NOT have 'the truth' as they claim to have.

    I agree that if "MR/MRS/MS General Public" can be made aware of how destrucive this cult really is, THAT is one way to ensure that the printing presses at the WT go silent.

    Leagal Action will also drain the coffers DRY!

    Money is power, and if their finances run dry, they will be left powerless!!


  • belbab

    Auld Soul,

    I am sure you use the expression, kill the beast in a figureative sense.

    I would like to see them in a bind entrapped in cords of their own making.

    They have retreated within the walls of their so-called city, like Jerusalem of old, but not a stone upon stone will remain that will not be thrown down. I want to see their web of lies be unravelled and exposed to all, including themselves.

    I want see the release of the captives, who are starving for relief and well being.

    Count me in, if my above words qualify for entry.

    I wish you success.


  • DannyHaszard

    Danny says, "A tiger can take down an elephant, if it bites it once a day."

  • DannyHaszard

    Listen up if there is anybody out there capable of putting something horribly destructive together it would be me. I have thought it all through long and hard the only effective tactic against my enemy the Watchtower cult is information dissemination We wack em on the web Immortality on the Internet apostates have everlasting life in cyberspace "During my term in office i have witnessed our society develop from an industrial society to an information age"-Bill Clinton Hey,yahl remember Mount St.Helens volcanic eruption 25 years ago?There is NO streaming video of the apocalyptic event.That's right,the military complexes spend billions to study how things blow up and,not even a home movie. Four years ago i did not know how to turn the PC ON! As a direct result of the 1975 Watchtower false promise prophecy and unrelenting ulcerative colitis i received a medical exemption from school (to sick to sit in a classroom) at age 14.So my last year of formal schooling is the 7th grade Here i am with nearly 40,000 pages up on the net google shows 11,000 for my unique name alone. This is just the beginning for us the Internet is still in it's infancy,the PC i bought 2 years ago now sells for half the price with more computing power. Most of what goes up on the net gets cached and archived forever so it essence i have IMMORTALITY. Long after we have turned to dust and Watchtower publications are rotting in landfills we will be in their face in cyberspace. The technological wonder of the information superhighway is making inroads everywhere,help today is only a mouse click away. For somebody my age 48 it seems like yesterday 23 years ago everyone was having fun with the new communication wonder the Fax machine.Yet the telephone companies at the time cautioned us that there would not be enough capacity for the units.They said the same with cellular phones.What happened? A breakthrough technology of digital compression where 10 lines could now be put on one. My friend at Best Buy a major electronics retailer tells me some items are already obsolete when the consumer takes them out the door. The Internet will go fore-ward and it creates a level playing field for everyone.A month ago i did an anti Watchtower cult press release on a server in Napal half way around the world and it hung as top ranked news for Bangor Maine keywords for two weeks. The Watchtower sez's 'apostates will all die at Armageddon' and the 'memory of the wicked will rot'.(Proverbs 10:7) NO we will out-live them all! It is breath taking and we must seize the moment it is our hour of power,Yes,'help today is only a mouse click away'.

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