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  • Gill

    Sorry to hear about this (((((((avishai))))))).

    If the Watchtower isn't revealed to be the charlatans that they clearly are in their interpretations of the bible and their now policing their blood issue there will continue to be many more victims of this cult.

    I can understand why your cousin would give into signing a NO BlOOD document since many people who fade from the JWs, are still foolish enough to believe that it is 'The Truth' unstead of a concocted lie. They have to be exposed completely, not just on the blood problem.

    Thinking of you and your cousin, avishai. Hoping that she pulls through.

  • kls

    Avishai, i can only repeat what others have said , I am so sorry

    And may the wt pay very very soon for making so many suffer

  • whyamihere

    My Heart goes out to you Avishai. ((((((((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))))))...I am so sorry.

    Love Brookie

  • dedpoet

    avishai, my heart goes out to you. These people are so sick.

  • Gretchen956

    Avi I'm so so sorry to hear about your pain. This is why it's so satisfactory to have karma (or whatever your word for it is) in your belief system. You can envision them, as someone else did, in burning flames, or in my version they come back as a slug and I'm ready with the salt shaker.

    ((((((huggs my friend)))))))

    Anytime you need to talk, PM me.


  • Now What?
    Now What?

    Dang, my heart is out to you Avishai!!

    Can't you begin an emergency legal maneuver to get her different health care or something in order to save her life? We had a similar deal with my mother several years back and was able to change her health care treatment plan at the last minute, transferred her to another hospital and got her fixed up with real care.

    Even a simple letter/notice from a lawyer regarding possible impending action might be enough to get them to back off of a stupid, death dealing course of action in the case of your cousin at that facility.

    Praying for you and your cousin. Life is precious and those rat bast*rds need to learn that!


  • avishai

    Thanks, everyone.

  • SomeGeek

    I defintly feel you. I used to have my bf call me everynight not just to hear his voice but to make sure he was alive. He has a nice car, stays out late with the guys and sometims drinks. Really bad combo. We broke up but the blood issuse still bothers me. ((((avi)))

  • TopHat

    Typical JW bullshit. Sorry to hear about it... maybe someday they'll wake up. I'm waiting to see what happens when all the people who were alive in 1914 are dead... how they will explain it away.

    I thought they were all dead! They have to be 120 if they are alive now.

  • Goldminer

    Hang in there Avishai! A lot of people are dealing with some kind of hurt from this cult.It also seems that a lot of people who walk away from the jw's are becoming activists in some way.Either by talking to family,friends,church leaders,politicians,the media or through the internet the message is slowly getting out that this cult is not the "goody-two-shoes doing society a service religion" that they like to convey to the general public.


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