QUOTES web site is off line.

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  • IP_SEC

    this guy does a dandy little job of d/l a whole site.


    taker easy


  • atypical

    This is really upsetting. Personally, I think Quotes is just about the best hope for getting an active witness to see what's wrong with the religion. The fact that it is only quotes from the society makes it hard for a witness to criticize it. I think we should band together and get as many people as possible to host copies of this site. If enough people do it, it would be nearly impossible for the org to keep tracking each one down.

    I have hosting space with my isp, I am going to check what the limit is.

  • Ticker

    I agree good luck Peter. I hope they haven't won and took down the quotes site. I heard Peters radio interview and wondered how he would make out.


  • VM44

    The problem that results from Quotes webpages being removed is that A LOT of websites linked to some of them to provide information about The Watchtower!

    Some Wiki articles about the JWs and The Watchtower linked to Quotes pages, now those links are dead!

    It is like tearing pages out of an encyclopedia!

    Quotes site was an invaluable reference on the web.


  • Mysterious

    The fact that they admit it's embarassing despite being a matter of public record is certainly amusing.

  • bother_forever

    maybe its the first case of jehooba using an online miracle.

    "And the wicked web page was cast out of the internet as if by the winter wind that blows the debris from the path of the rightous one" (The new bible for the New Order, Hencshel 16:4)

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    It was good while it lasted.

  • zagor

    Soooo, they'll suffer embarrassment if you quote their own words, crykee

  • observador

    ... and I don't think is coming back up again!
    I'd love to hear an update from Quotes himself.

  • AFX

    Hey folks!!!

    Now the last site is down.


    (And wayback machine has a poorly mirror. The site was big. 6gb i think.)

    I would REALLY appriciate if SOMEONE could send me a pm. Someone of you have this site mirrored ;)

    I wanted to, but i had no time. Hmm..

    PLEASE send me a pm, or an email at kltemp38[at]gmail.com

    And if you can upload it onto https://mega.co.nz ...

    Just create and account, and then you can upload a big .zip, and if you are registrered, you can then right-click and send me the link in email or pm. or both. I am very bad at logging in here.

    Please help me out. Thank allot!!

    Keep it up!


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