QUOTES web site is off line.

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    This is Interesting, and I wonder if it's part of a Larger Campaign to Remove WT Archived info from the Web.

    I have used http://www.a2z.org/wtarchive/archive.htm several times in the Past, and Recently I noticed that all Content Links are Dead.

    There is Still the Trusty : http://wtarchive.svhelden.info/ up and well though.

    I downloaded all publications from this Site, and Converted them to OCR Files, which Means I can Search 1879-1963 Publications the same way I can Search Publications in the WT Library.. Type a Phrase or Scripture, and I get a List of all Mentions.

    Let me know if I can Retrieve any Particular info for anyone.

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    I wonder if it's part of a Larger Campaign to Remove WT Archived info from the Web

    No need to wonder about it, objectivetruth - there is.

    There's even an everlasting Edit War on Watchtower matters within Wikipedia.

    The original Quotes site came down due to a $100K+ lawsuit threat against brave, lone fighter Peter Mosier by the Disgusting Spiritual-Anal-Rapists at the Watchtower.

    They never stopped since.

    Google has received many, many takedown notices re Usenet postings (the fools think Google runs Usenet - it is merely one of many repositories, harking back to its Deja News ancestry, and has nothing to do with the propagation of messages that actually comprises Usenet. How do I know? Well, I conducted fullscale Theocratic Warfare there for a long period.

    Google and many hosts receive hordes of DMCA and similar complaints, mostly all unfounded, from the Watchtower's Unofficial Army.

    Don't be a bystander - join in and help combat these filthy Spiritual-Pedophiles.

    Kenneson, the site you provided a link to is not a complete clone, alas.



    ("Jabriol" Class)

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